Why Meditation? Because…

Dear All,

After a long summer break we are back again and hope you enjoyed the sunny time of the year as we did, maybe with some deep meditation experiences?

Slowly but continuously this blog is growing as we try to put in all the information that might be helpful for you to become a meditation expert. But why meditate at all? … True, nowadays we have to deal in our daily life with so many different people and situations, more so in tight schedules, that it is hard not to build up inner stress, anxieties, depressive feelings and in the long run health issues. And true, meditation in general, and Sahaja Meditation in particular is a fantastic way to cool down again and come back into balance.

But it is not the only reward we get out of it. Especially Sahaja Meditation is a tool that allows us to learn more about our strengths, our inner powers and our own unique personality. Each and everyone of us is a storehouse of amazing qualities that want to be explored, a magnetic inner-being that wants to be lived. All you have to do is to give 20 minutes to yourself, each and every day, preferably 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening and meditate.

Now, what makes Sahaja Meditation so special? A lot could be said about that but to keep it short for now – it is not only that we can achieve the state of real meditation easily, no, we start feeling ourself in a very new way, and by saying “feeling” I mean feeling. Sahaja Meditation activates our own Inner Energy and once it flows through our body we feel the vibrations like a cool breeze in our hands and over the head. Once we start feeling this we have got our “vibratory awareness”. It is these vibrations that guide us deeper into our personality, a personality that is expressed through our different energy centers. How to meditate and how to feel the state of these energy centers of your subtle being, all this you can learn in our meditation classes, even online, they are always  FREE !

So come and join us, let’s meditate together, in classes or virtually and maybe you would like to share your personal Sahaja Meditation experiences as well! We are looking forward to meet you!

Lots of joy

Yours, Angi

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