Today We Honor Martin Luther King Who Had the Power of Bringing People’s Attention to Something Higher ❤️

Why not be like Martin Luther King? Why not do it? Why not create people of that kind? To speak of something great. Bring the attention of people to something higher. To raise their neck upwards. To see, to see with their head higher than the others are seeing. See something great in us.

Shri Mataji, 1990-0818

“It is not sufficient to be intellectually dedicated towards a collective cause, but more importantly, to have an enlightened vision to achieve it in a balanced way. History has produced many such visionaries such as Mahatma Gandhi, Ataturk Kamal Pasha, Garibaldi, President Sadat, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, George Washington, Nelson Mandela and others. So much was done by them because they had that love. They had nothing else but this love which they could not contain within themselves, so they tried to spread it. Love begets love, and that is how it blooms into collective love.

Shri Mataji

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