Free Meditation classes – where & when

All Meditation Classes are free of charge

New HavenWeekly 
every Thursday       7:00 PM
Never Ending Book Store, 810 State Street (between ELD and PEARL), New Haven

Manchester – Weekly
every Tuesday           7:00 PM
Whiton Library, King’s Daughters Room (2nd floor)
Address: 100 N Main St, Manchester, CT 06042

every Monday          7:00 PM
Norwalk Public Library, 1 Belden Ave, Norwalk
UCONN University of Connecticut
The meetings run only during the semester. For more details visit:

Other Locations within the US

Online Meditation Classes

Meditation Tips

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  1. Hi! Would you be able to host a meditation class for a group at an apartment building in New Haven?


  2. Sandra K

     /  January 7, 2018

    Are meetings still happening Jan 2018?

  3. Swarnam

     /  March 15, 2016

    Hi, Is the free meditation classes still available?

  4. are there currently free meditations classes or sessions available in Manchester or any town in the Manchester/ Greater Hartford communities that is accessible by Ct Transit? I would be interested to learn about Sahaja meditation and how its practices can benefit my anxiety and depression problems, as well as learning more about health improvements / beneficial meditative practices that help heal dysfunction in both mind and body.
    i would also like to hear of any other opportunities any one may know of in other areas of meditation, and also to promote mind/body connection and health, i would appreciate any information that any member or moderator could suggest to me. I can travel almost anywhere within the Greater Hartford Transit area.

  5. Chassaddi Bridges

     /  July 25, 2014

    I would like to stop by to see what meditation entitles, im not trying to convert

  6. tyshawn murrelle

     /  April 8, 2013

    Do you still have free meditation classes weekly in your Manchester Ct location ?

    • yes, we still have the free meditation classes weekly, each Tuesday in Manchester, in the Whiton Library. Hope to see you there!


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