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The Power of Meditation

‎”…if I see a problem, immediately I go into meditation – immediately – and the problem is solved. “ ~ Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, October 1989 In our programs we are asked every now and then: “How do I meditate?” followed by the question:… Continue Reading “The Power of Meditation”

“The Force” Is My Ally

Throughout all cultures and religions we felt that there is something more to life than just the day-to-day business, that there is something beyond our understanding and that it is worth to reach out to it. We have tried many different ways to connect… Continue Reading ““The Force” Is My Ally”

How To Become A Real Yogi (Including a 10-Minutes-Meditation)

Nowadays we have come to associate yoga with images of knotted limbs and uncomfortable positions with the aim to make our body fit and healthy. But do these practices really achieve yoga?  Where are all these stretches and exercises supposed to lead?  What does “yoga”… Continue Reading “How To Become A Real Yogi (Including a 10-Minutes-Meditation)”

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