What I learned from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

I would like to share this article of a dear friend of mine, Axinia. These questions are worth to introspect on. It is only a few people in the world who create all these problems because of greed for power, money or something else. But in general people all over the world in all the countries, people like you and me, just want to live their lives in peace. But to achieve that we have to start with ourselves, we have to find peace first within, then with the others, and go beyond all these misleading ideas that – instead of uniting us – separate us.

1000 petals by axinia

IMG_0385 image by axinia

Since I am Russian and my beloved husband is Ukrainian, the story of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict around Crimea and more has a lot been in my attention. And because I have no TV at home and read Internet very selectively I could more or less survive the information war. But even if I try to minimise the information flow by getting possibly the first-hand impressions and facts from the people involved, I am still getting a lot of buzz from the world Russian-Ukrainian community…. It is really hard to stay cool!

However the hardship of the situation helped me to learn two great lessons. And I hope many more people will be able to see it in the same way.


This is something we learn throughout the history of humanity but obviously always forget when something happens: We are not able to…

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