The 1st Step: Be The Change


Every long journey starts with a single step. Every transformation of society starts with a single person. With me. With you.

After almost 20 years of practicing Sahaja Meditation I can claim something else, too:

If you are the change, others around you start changing, too.

To change, means to become oneself, one’s true self. Or how Richard Bach expressed it so poetically:

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,

the Master calls a butterfly.


In the coming months we will concentrate here on our inner transformation. This will be a step by step guide, how to achieve it by developing a new awareness about ourselves, and others as well.

The First Step

To experience this new awareness the first step is to receive your self-realization, which means, the awakening of your Inner Energy.

Here is an excerpt of an introduction by Shri Mataji explaining about – what she called – ‘the knowledge of the roots’:

The Goal

After the awakening of your Inner Energy you might feel deep peace and a state of inner silence. Some might already feel a new sensation as well, a cool breeze in the hands and over the head. Sometimes it may be also warm or hot, which indicates that your inner energy has already started to clear your energy-centers. If you do not feel the cool breeze right away, do not be disheartened. It only means that one of your energy-centers, the throat-center, needs healing. This is the center that allows us to feel – what we call – vibrations.

The Exercise

Here is a guided meditation by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  to awaken your Inner Energy. At the end she also shows how to raise your energy and how to put yourself into a shield of protection.

The awakening of the Inner Energy is usually done only once. However, out of my own experience I encourage you to try to meditate every day with this guided meditation at the beginning. When I started to meditate it helped me a lot to focus and come into a state of thoughtless awareness and inner peace.

If you had a good experience with this meditation please share it with others, too, and tell us your story.

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