Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Practitioners all over the world have experienced a continuous improvement in different aspects of their lives when they started to meditate regularly.

Some of those benefits were:

Improving Health of Body, Mind and Emotions

Every problem that we face in life, stress, traumas and anxieties have an impact on our different energy centers. These centers provide energy to the different organs in the body. If an energy center becomes too blocked it cannot provide enough energy anymore to the respective organs and thus eventually one can develop a series of diseases.
The Inner Energy communicates which centers are affected by giving you a tingling or warm sensation in your fingers or parts of your hand. Each finger corresponds with a certain energy center so you can easily verify which center is affected and then balance it. Even if you are suffering already from a certain health problem this meditation can support you tremendously in your healing process.

Inner Peace

We find inner peace when we become capable to stop our thinking process. Just check for yourself – are you thoughtless right now? How easily can you stop your thoughts? No problem at all? Congratulation – you are one of thousands who can manage that!
Usually it is difficult to stop thinking. We will always linger around events in the past (often enough being accompanied by a wide range of emotions) or plans for the future which can create stress in us. Did you know that when you are fully in the present you do not think?
By following you Inner Energy to the top of your head and keeping your attention there you will find that your thought processing will decrease and with time fully stop. Thus you become the master over your thoughts and emotions – you can think at any time you like to, and you can stop thinking at any time you like to and enjoy the sensation of peace and silence within at any time you like, even on a stressful working-day.

Sharp Attention and Concentration

Why do children learn so easily? They have a simple trick – they do not think. They are always in the present. Because they are not diverted by any thoughts about the past or future they can fully imbibe whatever is offered in the present. Moreover they are energetic and dynamic. That is because they do not waste their energy with never-ending thought processing. Meditating and practicing to keep the attention on top of your head will help you to become thoughtlessly aware.

Dealing with problems

As soon as you know which centers are affected by a certain problem you can remove any blocks and give energy to this center. This makes you capable to deal with a problem in a very effective and balanced way as inwardly you are no longer affected by the problem.

Better Understanding of Ourselves

One can almost call it as a further sense organ – as soon as the Inner Energy pass’ through the Fontanelle bone area one can feel a cool breeze in the hands and over the head. Sometimes it might be warm or give a tingling sensation which indicates that the energy is already working on the centers. The state of the energy-centers can be felt in different parts of our hands – thus we become aware of our inner Self.


We all are creative beings but too often when we grow up our creativity has less and less room to express itself. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation as their energy-centers started to open more and more people experienced  that they automatically became more creative or felt an urge for doing something creative. Those who already did something like writing, music or any kind of creativity experienced that in a very short time they improved dramatically so that even their teachers took notice of it and were stunned how fast people could learn something that would usually take a much longer time.

Being Able to Understand and Help Yourself in Any Situation:

If it is reducing stress, lower depression and anxiety, prevent or treat illness, boosts your immune system, reduce pain, develop your personality, improve relationships, develop your spiritual depth – all this is possible if you learn about the set-up of your Inner System, how to clear it and how to maintain the balance. And all that for free!

Life is there to be shared and enjoyed

If you give yourself the time and meditate every day, you will soon feel significantly lighter and more joyful, and this sensation will only increase. Day to day’s life will no longer be over-demanding, but it will become an adventure that is worth living. The more you experience the flow of your Inner Energy, and the joy it brings the more you want to share it. Awaken the Inner Energy in others as well! The more you pass it on – for free – the stronger your own vibrations will become.

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