A Typical Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class

This clip shows one of the usual Sahaja Yoga meditation classes. Music is a great way to go into meditation, a state where we are free of thoughts and feel at peace with ourselves and the world. We might not have life music at every class although we sometimes try to incorporate that as well!

Meditation classes are free and suitable for both complete beginners and regular meditators. Chairs are provided. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required.

What we offer:

  • The Awakening of your Inner Energy – this enables you to feel your energy centers
  • Learning about your energy centers, called as the subtle body –  finding out in which center there might be a block and how to remove this block (most of our mental, emotional and physical problems have their origins in different blocks in one of the energy centers)
  • Learning how you can feel the energy centers of others and remove blocks in others
  • Meditation – once we have cleared our subtle body and the energy can rise freely we automatically come into a state of mental silence, meditation. There you will enjoy a state of thoughtless awareness, complete relaxation and the flow of energy nourishing you.

We always encourage people to come to our meditation classes. The most powerful meditation is usually experienced collectively with other people whose energy is already awakened. Then the vibrations generated in these collective meditations are proportionately stronger which helps everyone again in their own personal growth. It also gives you the opportunity to work on others which is the quickest way to accelerate your own inner growth.
However, if you’d like to try it right away online, there are some great online courses available.  

2 Comments on “A Typical Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class

  1. Hiii there, could you please give a mathematical model of this so called divine energy, can you suggest a set of equations which define this energy ? what are the wavelengths and frequency range ?

    • Hi Kumar, this is how Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga described the Divine energy:
      “Now in the science I’ve read that they have discovered an energy called Quantum Energy. […] Now this Quantum Energy, according to them, flows, in a very subtle manner and it is normally not visible, but it has light. […] But this quantum energy they are talking about is something like the spiritual energy or the energy of love, which flows around. And this Quantum Energy, they do not know what it does, but they have seen it has got light. They call it Quantum because, according to them, it flows in bundles, and every bundle is a quanta.
      Now this energy, when it flows, as you have seen yourself, it works. It works in every direction, in every dimension. For example, it works physically. Supposing you have some physical ailment, you have seen many people get cured in my presence – just in my presence. I need not do anything to them. Or also, as soon as I see somebody, I know what he is suffering from. That’s also, I must say, my connection with the Divine, and that tells me what’s wrong with what person and what should be done. And it can be cured in no time because that also comes to me just like that. I mean, I don’t ask any questions, I don’t try to find out, I do not analyze, but it just says: “Do like this.” or, it also doesn’t say, it just does! It just works automatically. It is very difficult to explain how this energy works.

      But all of you who have got Realization can also work out your own energies. How? By releasing it, by feeling it, by giving it to others, by experimenting.”

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