Guided Meditations

These meditations are only deeply effective when the Inner Energy has been awakened.

  • Awaken the Inner Energy→ click here
    This allows us to connect to the All-pervading Power and to feel cool vibrations in our hands and over the head

  • Raise your Inner Energy and give yourself a shield of protection
  • Balancing the Left and Right Side → click here
  • This meditation helps to come out of left and right side problems.
    Left side problems: lethargy, thinking too much about the past, depressive feelings, up-set emotions, bad habits, guilt feelings, fears, drugs, sexual perversion
    Right side problems: stress, not able to stop thinking, fanaticism, racialism, vanity, asceticism, temper, egoistic behavior, all extremes
  • Meditation to strengthen the Mooladhara→ click here
    This meditation helps you to find your inner gravity, innocence, wisdom and joy
  • 2 minutes meditations
  • 5 minutes meditations

  • 10 Minutes meditations

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