Free Meditation classes – where & when

All Meditation Classes are free 

For just 10 minutes a day – the amount of time it takes to make a coffee – you can feel the immediate benefits that meditation brings to your mental and physical health. Our method is aimed at the general public and designed to harmonize with your daily life. We teach you how simple and effective techniques can be built into any part of your day and can be practiced anywhere. We also show how meditation can be used at work and in creative pursuits, in schools to help children manage anger and depression, and for general physical health. Come join our program. It’s always free. 


Out of an abundance of caution and in response to the state of emergency declared in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut due to the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel all the programs for now. We will reschedule these programs once we have a clearer picture of the situation, and encourage you to instead join one of our online guided meditation sessions.

Join Our Daily Free Online Meditations

SY online meditation new schedule

To be able to join the meditations please register at:

Here are some helpful tips how to meditate at home: Meditation Tips

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30 Comments on “Free Meditation classes – where & when

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  20. Hi! Would you be able to host a meditation class for a group at an apartment building in New Haven?


  21. are there currently free meditations classes or sessions available in Manchester or any town in the Manchester/ Greater Hartford communities that is accessible by Ct Transit? I would be interested to learn about Sahaja meditation and how its practices can benefit my anxiety and depression problems, as well as learning more about health improvements / beneficial meditative practices that help heal dysfunction in both mind and body.
    i would also like to hear of any other opportunities any one may know of in other areas of meditation, and also to promote mind/body connection and health, i would appreciate any information that any member or moderator could suggest to me. I can travel almost anywhere within the Greater Hartford Transit area.

  22. I would like to stop by to see what meditation entitles, im not trying to convert

  23. Do you still have free meditation classes weekly in your Manchester Ct location ?

    • yes, we still have the free meditation classes weekly, each Tuesday in Manchester, in the Whiton Library. Hope to see you there!

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