You Have Everything Within You

“You have everything within you, that power, like you get lifted up. Like a lotus that rises out of the mire by its own force, you come up and your fragrance fills that mire, and you are amazed at it yourself. First you are identified with that mire, and you think that this is what it is – but it’s not so. When it comes up, that lotus, it spreads its beautiful petals, and the fragrance gives us that personality which spreads all over. And that’s what is going to happen to you. All of you are going to be that lotus which looks hidden, which is absolutely invisible within you, which is going to open out, and the fragrance of your divinity is going to spread.” 

“Fragrance is something very innate, even this soil, which we should say has or does not have fragrance; the people have fragrance in their character, in their behaviour, in their understanding and there is peace which they are aspiring.” ~ Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
photo @james_dhanu

vibrations in hand)

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