A Short Guide Through The Set-Up Of Our Personality

Going through the different aspects of the channels and energy centers might give you already a good idea which qualities are strong in you and which might need your attention.

The Qualities of The Three Channels

  1. The Left Channel:  emotions, desires, behavior patterns,conditionings and past
  2. The Right Channel:  physical and mental being, attention, ego (as our identification), action, dynamism and future
  3. The Center Channel:  personal growth, evolution, present, spiritual ascent

The Qualities of The Seven Energy Centers

  1. The Mooladhara:  innocence, wisdom, purity, gravity, inner child
  2. The Svadisthan: pure knowledge, creativity, intellect, and part of the attention
  3. The Nabhi: satisfaction, generosity, dignity, personal growth and part of the attention
  4. The Void: master principle, moral values
  5. The Heart: relationship with our parents, husband/wife, spirit (as the true self), ability to take up responsibility, nobility, detachment, courage
  6. The Vishuddhi:  relationship with our siblings and other people, collective awareness, communication, diplomacy, the witness state
  7. The Agnya:  the power of forgiveness, thoughtless awareness
  8. The Sahasrara: integrating all the other energy centers, connection to the All-pervading Power

After the awakening of your inner energy you can also check the state of your energy centers “on vibrations”, as we call it.

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