The Knowledge of The Roots

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Public program in Unity Church. Houston (USA), 30 May 1986.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. When asked to understand that truth is what it is, we cannot conceive it. We cannot organize it. We cannot order it. Only, as a scientific personality, we should have an open mind to see what it is. As we go to any university or any college, we try to find out what it is there, in the same way, when we have to find out about the truth, we have to be very open-minded. But when we talk of love, we must know that love and truth are the same thing. There is no difference at all between God’s love and the truth itself. This difference exists when we are not one with God. For example, if you love someone, even on a mundane level, if you love someone physically, also you can say, or in a carnal way, you know a lot about that person. You just know it. But when you know the truth, then you become the love. And the love I’m telling you about is the love that is all pervading, which acts; coordinates and is the truth. But for this, we have to realize that we have not been at the level which we call as the absolute. We are living in a relative world. And relativiely, when we start seeing things, it cannot be truth. Truth cannot be relative. It has to be absolute. And in our evolutionary process, when we have become human beings, whatever we know, as to for example, if you know that I am wearing a sari, which is the truth for you; is the truth for everyone. Everyone sees the same thing, so it relates to your central nervous sytem. That you must know it on your central nervous system – the truth. It cannot be any imagination. It cannot be any mental projection and it cannot be anything that cannot be proved. So we have to prove Christ – His existence. We have to prove God on our central nervous sytem. We have to prove that whatever christ has said, is the truth. Unless and until we prove that, no amount of talking is going to convince the progeny.

Now the time is come for us to prove that. And that truth, whatever you call it – scientific or devine – whatever is truth – has to be expressed on our central nervous system. That means we must feel it. We must see it. It should happen. Mohammed Sahib has said ( they all have said the same thing, only depending on the times as they were) that at the time of resurrection, when the humanity will rise, their hands will speak. They talked of resurrection most of the time, but somehow they never talked of it only as the doomsday. And this is the reason why whatever was important in every religion, was not given the proper importance. That’s why today, the situation is such that we find all of them, all in different compartments. But they’re not. They were all born on one tree of life at different times . . . the same energy of love which nourished them and they flowered.

People (word?) themselves . . . “this is mine . . . this is mine. . . ” put themselves into dogmas; into ideas . . . finish them completely. And then, now we see there’s a quarrel going on. So one must know that there must be something more we have to know. I will put it this way: that in the West, whatever knowledge we have had about science or about other things, is like the knowledge of the tree which is outside. Now whatever Dr. Warren has told you is the knowledge of the roots. Now supposing, if the East has learned this knowledge from you, has tried to understand the knowledge of science( of course, which is not very fruitful also, but doesn’t matter). They have tried to learn this knowledge of science. Why not we try to learn the knowledge of the roots? The roots of the tree of life. . . why should we not try to find out what are the roots which have to be nourished, which were neglected and that’s why we have problems. These are the roots within us which are being described and when these roots are understood, then only we will see that something more has to happen. We have to feel those roots. We don’t feel them on our central nervous sytem. We have no sensitivity at all within us.

For example, now, supposing a person who is going mad . . . he’s not conscious of it . . . that he’s getting mad. Or if he develops some disease, he doesn’t become conscious of it ’til he gets some pain. But actually, these centers are the subtle energy centers, which give energy to the plexeses and which look after us very well. But how to enlighten these centers? That was the big problem. How to enlighten these centers so that we start feeling our roots. For that, God Almighty, Who is our Father , Who is very kind and gentle in His all-care; has made this beautiful thing within us and all of them are like the milestones of our evolution. These centers are to be enlightened and then they are to be enlightened, something hs to be done. For that, in the triangular bone here, is placed the energy called Kundalini. It’s a Sanskrit word meaning “the coils.” It is in three and one-half coils . . . is very important coefficient – three and one-half coils . It is placed there and this has to be awakened. Like a primule (word?) in a seed to enlighten all these six centers. And ultimately ,enter through this center which is the sixth one in this order because the seventh one lies down below the Kundalini. This is the important thing that has to happen to us . . . to become the Spirit that Christ has told us that we have to become . . . the Spirit . . . that we are all to be born again.

It is against certifying ourselves that we are born again. . . you do not become. Let us accept one thing. We are not going to live with myths and dishonesty. If we are going to be honest with ourselves, it is beneficial to us. It is benevolent for us to be honest with ourselves and to realize that by giving ourselves certificates we do not become anything. It’s only a mental projection. Whether I call myself a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu, makes no difference whatsoever. Whatever dress I wear or howsoever I comb my hair – makes no difference to me at all.

In all honesty, we have to perceive and see to reach that absolute stage. This Kundalini has to rise. There’s no other way out and this is what is the Holy Ghost within us. This is the Holy Ghost . . . is a reflection of the Holy Ghost and Holy Ghost is the energy of God . . . which is Love . . . which is His desire. His desire is the Holy Ghost and is reflected within us as the Kundalini. So the desire of God is that you should become the citizen of His Kingdom . . . that you should enter into His Kindom and enjoy all the fruits of His blessings . . . understandingly. . . knowingly . . on your central nervous system. This is His pure desire and if that prue desire within us rises, then we see that all our desires were useless. And they are not pure, either. Because we have some desire, say, for example, we want to have a car. Alright, have a car. They want to have a house; have a house. They are never satisfied. In general, it is said that wants are not (word?) because they are not wants. They are artificial wants. The real want, the real desire is this one . . this energy of pure desire that says you have to unite. . . unite with the devine, with the all-pervading power of God. That is our pure desire and unless and until that desire is completed, you may do any kind of things . . . you may go to all kinds of things . . . try anyuthing . . . you can never achieve it.

Now, this is a living process because God is a living being. SHe is not empoty words. He’s not just something like a dead book. He’s not. He is a living God. He is a living energy . And, this is a living process so it has to be spontaneous if it is living. For example, there is a seed and you want to sprout it. Can you order it? Can you mentally say “Alright, now it has to sprout.” Can you say, “Alright, I read these mantras to you, or Bible to you,” or do this, will it rise? No, it won’t. It’s a living process. You have to polace it in the Mother Earth. Spontasneously, it will rise. You don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to imagine anything. It will rise. And that’s what it is; that this Kundalini has to be awakened . . . in the same manner. . . in the living process. Now, many people are surprised that I don’t charge any money. How can you cahrge money for love, first of all? And this love,

which is so spontaneous. . . I don’t worry . . . I’m just standing before you. I’m doing nothing at all. But if that love is flowing all over; and if you get this awakening because of my presence; I’m doing nothing. It’s your own. . . Whatever is, is your own . . . this Kundalini is your own . . . your desire . . . is your own. And if you achieve your realization, it’s your own. What is there to charge for? To be honest, I don’t do it. There’s no obligation at all. It’s just the catalyst. Then you become the catalyst. Then the third person becomes the catalyst. Everybody can become the catalyst. But one has to be honest and truthful. Otherwise you cannot find truth. If you are living with myths, how can you find the truth?

Now the modern Sahaja Yoga . . . what I call it . . . whatever the way I’m trying. . . is a little different . . . that people could have used before. Like they first wanted to clear chakras. After chakras, everying, and then go to all kinds of inner selves and all that and raise the Kundalini because people needed this cleansing. Now, what I throught was the easiest method is somehow or other to raise the Kundalini. Somehow. Make it emit even a little glimpse of the light into people. Let the light come into the lamp. Let the lamp be seen by the people themselves. When the Kundalini rises, you see, there’s a flickering, say, of the light. You can see yourself what’s wrong with you. . . which chakra is catching . . . where is the problem. And then it’s very easy to correct. But if I say, do this and do that . . . finished. I know they will categorically destroy me, like Jesus, or they may make me into a Hitler or something like that. Better is that to allow them to judge themselves. Let them become their own guide. Let them become their own gurus and find out. But how?

When the Kundilini rises by itself and pierces through, what happens? That your hands start speaking. You start feeling all around you the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. You start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head also. Now, when I tell you what are these centers for (word ? ) what will they denote on your fingertips and you start practicing it. Start seeing how it works out and then you realize it’s true what I say. Supposing the Christ chakra is catching. This is the chakra of Christ. You might say, “How do you say, Mother, this is the chakra of Christ?” Because here you have to say the Lord’s prayer. If you are catching on that without saying the Lord’s prayer, God doesn’t hear at all. Supposing this is not connected. . . it will not work. You are to be connected to the mains. You are to be connected with Him. Once you are connected with Him,

everything becomes alive and you can have it (word ?). Then you can understand. Then you can say Lord’s Prayer. It works! It just works.

Another simple thing I have reduced it to . . . just is . . . you say, “I pardon everyone. I forgive everyone.” It works ! Now, this is such a simple method. And people say . . . the other day I was surprized when I went to Spain. They said, “Mother, no, how can it be that simple?” You see and then another fellow told me that “You see, Mother, we are confused. . . that we must suffer to achieve (Christianity? word?).”

I said, ” Which religion are you to achieve?” He said, “Christianity. ” I said, “Impossible! It’s not Christianity. It’s the Jews who believed in that because they didn’t want to accept that Christ suffered for them. Are you Jews or Christians? First decide.”


I said, “Then it’s wrong. How can you suffer when Christ has suffered for you? You don’t believe in His suffering” Or did He not suffer sufficiently for you that you are still suffering?”

Then I challenged their ego a little bit. I’m sorry to say that I did, becuase I thought they wouldn’t understand this. I said, “You said you are suffering.
But I don’t know of Spaniards suffering (words?) more than we have. If Columbus had not gone to America, we would have been finished in India. Completely. You would not have had this. When did the Spaniards suffer? Let me know that. When did the Christians suffer as the non-Christians had at the hands of Christians? What do you tell me? I can’t understand.”

It is not that. It is something else you must know. That there’s no suffering needed at all. He is God Almighty Who is Ocen of Love; Who is ocean of grace and compassion. If an ordinary father won’t allow his son to suffer, how can the Great Father make you suffer. You challenge His compassion by saying you want to suffer. Alright, you want tot suffer, like Jews. . . have Hitler. You will have Hitler. You want to suffer? Suffer nicely. (laughter) Simple as that. You are not jto suffer anymore. No suffering.

You are here to enter into the Kingdom of God. I have come here to give you the message of joy and message of happiness. (words?) I have not come here to tell you about sufferings at all. And I don’t believe in it. You suffer

because of ego or superego. There are two institutions within us which have been through our activity of the left side and right side. (To Dr. Warren, I don’t know. . . did you tell them about left or right?) So the left side is our desire of power . . . on the right side is our action power. And the result of our action power we collect here . . . our ego; and as result of our desire power, we collect superego. Means conditioning. We have both things. One side is the superego. The other side is the ego. Now, when these two meet here and join together, there’s a calcification on our fontanel bone area here . . . then what happens? An “Iness” develops within and we become Mr. Ego and Mrs. Ego and all that. But when the Kundalini rises, here it is Christ the Lord. He sucks in these two institutions within us. . . where our conditioning and our so-called karmas are sucked in. And it opens up and the Kundalini rushes out. You experience your own Kundalini coming out of your own head. I don’t have to sanctify you. The experience is your own. Everything is your own. I don’t have to say that you feel it. . . nothing of the kind. You feel it and then you feel it on your fingertips.

Now here I feel that you must have pure intelligence. If it is biased, it has already been spoiled by your own dogmas, your own ideologies and all that. You won’t see the truth easily. I will give you an example : Dr. Wolliker or Dr. Warren. We have other doctors also. . . very educated people and very simple village people. . . extremely simple people. Where, if you take the cross-section, you can find people who are absolutely uneducated and people who are very well educated, all kinds of people. . . of all walks of life. But, I’ve seen just one common point about them. They have pure intelligence that once seen the light, they accept it and they work it out. This is the only point where I’ve seen people fail, and that’s how some people become Sahaja Yogis very fast and develop that state.

Now, this Dr. Warren must have given realization to thousand of people in Australia. You’d be surprised. Then there are so many who have done it. But to establish you is your own, I should say,value system. Realization is not difficult. But to establish it you have to understand how to raise your Kundalini . . . have to establish it. Some people take hardly three to four days and they establish it. Some people take a month at the most. But one has to get after it and respect your realization and love yourself first that you’re the instrument of God and that instrument, as it is connected. You are to be connected with God. And if this connection is a little loose, you have to do the job. It’s your job and if you learn that, it’s very easy for you. When an ordinary villager can do that, why not you? You will be amazed as soon as this happens.

We talk of peace. Most poeople who talk of peace and other sides of it . . . as youb know . . . I have another life also. They talk of peace . . . the United Nations . . . this. . . that . . . big, big thugs. . . but no jpeace within. Those who have no peace within, how can they talk of United Nations or anything on the basis of peace? You cannot. Because it’s just mental and it will break in one moment as soon as something will happen of that kind . . . challenging your ego or superego.

So to get to the right point one must understand that whatever human problems we have, are coming from inside, not outside. You don’t worry about atomic bombs. They will not destroy us. The atomic bombs within us are going to destroy us. As you see, AIDS has come. . . this has come . . . that has come. They are going to destory us and if you can just manage somethow or another to take this Kundalini there and establish it there, you will have no problem of any kind. No problem of any kind. I’ve seen people who have been cured of cancer in Sahaja Yoga. Our president was there and he was sent to me. (words ?) He was cured of cancer . . . and only ten minutes he took to get cured. You can get cured, even of AIDS . . . you’ll be surprised if you take to Sahaja Yoga. But whatever one may try, you see, it doesn’t go to heads of people who are much full of dogmas. They cannot believe it. . . that God can cure. I don’t know how they have the photograph of Christ in their house and Bible in their hands. What did Christ do to have that energy to cure people? Now this curing is not important. But as a by-product of this happening, you get your physical cure. You get your mental cure . . . as a by-product As a light comes in, you see it. Now, supposing I’m holding onto a serpent in my hand and there’s no light. In the darkenss, you are holding onto a serpent. (words?) You won’t listen. But if there’s a little light . . . you see the serpent right away. Oh, God! That’s how poeople have got rid of their bad habits of drug addiction and all that. Just like that. But I must tell you it’s so difficult to explain to modern people that there’s something much higher than all of us.

We have sometimes very bad experiences . . . sometimes in England. Like the BBC people called me on the television and asked me to speak on that. But they said we can’t believe that you should do it without money. I said, “Why? How much will you pay me” They said, “No.” (words?) An Anglo-Saxon brain cannot understand anything without money. I said an Anglo-Saxon brain cannot get realization. That is the (words?) How much Christ charged you? If you understand Christ at all, must know that we sold him, and we are still selling him.

You cannot sell God and you cannot sell all these things. That’s why they were surprised . . . and they won’t have me on the BBC . I think I will not say anything against BBC. And as far as my work is concerned, you cannot pay me. How much will you poay me? It’s just love and just affection. Like this man just says hello to me. How much should I pay him for that?

Love cannot charge. Alright, for your hall , you can. For other things you can. This is one thing we cannot understand. When I went to Toronto, I was surprised they asked me a question, “How many Rolls Royces do you have?” I said, “I don’t have any.” (Laughter). They’re not interested in me if there’s no business about it.

Now, we have to understand that we are seekers of truth and we are seekers of peace within. . . the silence within. . . the love within. And that power that gives you. . . empowers you to love others. Now, when we love others, our idea of love is either some sort of pugnation or maybe some greed or mayube some lust or some (word?) But this love has nothing to do with it. It’s pure love. And a pure devine love is such . . . like a sap in a tree which rises and goes to all the parts of the tree . . . goes to the flower . . . goes to the fruit . . . goes to the leaves . . . and comes back. Supposing it gets entangled into one flower ? The tree will die and the power will also die. It doesn’t get attached, but it nourishes. It’s absolutely involved, but not attached. All this discretion you develop when you have your vibrations and you are surprised that you start talking like a third person. Like we had one lady from India. She came down with me to Los Angeles and we had her son from Holand. She said, “Mother, give us reliaztion.” I said, “I’ll try (words?) She said, “How can I, he’s not getting it. ” So I said, “Then how can I?” So I said, ” Give him a certificate . . . he’s a realized soul. ”

“How can I give him a false certificate, Mother? ”

I said, “That’s the point. He’s not getting realization. That’s the point,” I said.

“So what should we do?”

I said, ” That’s different kind, but he’s not getting realization.” One must understand that. So she said, “Yes, it’s true. It doesn’t go; it doesn’t work .”

“It.” She didn’t say ” I” have done or “I” do it. “It” doesn’t work. You become a third person. You start talking in a third person language. As in Sanskrit, it becomes our karma. . . that you’re action becomes non-action. You do not act anymore, but it becomes a non-action . . . a detached action. You just say, “it” doesn’t work out; “it” doesn’t move; “it” doesn’t come out. Or “it” does. So it’s something else that is doing. Actually, you are raising the Kundalini. But you don’t say that. And this power all of you have got. All of you have got this power. All of you should have it. Why should you have it and they not have it, I just don’t understand? Supposing you belong, say, to somebody, or some special dogmas or anything. That has not given you full satisfaction. That has given you notthing. So why not have this power which makes you absolutely dynamic?

You my ages (word?). I’m very old and I’m a housewife. SI’m a grandmohter and I have so much things to be done on the other side of my married life and I’ve traveled so much. Everything I do . . . I don’t feel tired at all. And you can become very magnetic and such a person becomes such a pure personality that even a glance of such a person can create peace . . . can create joy . . . can life you . . . can cure you . . . can do anything., Such an ocean of power is within your reach and why should we get it? It’s very simple. This is what . . . all of them have said it. It’s not that it was said only by Christ. But everyone of them has said that you have to get your realization. Say it was thousands of years back when Rama came, even before that, we had many other people. They came . . . then came Shri Krishna . . . then came in this world, as you know, Buddha . . . Mahavera . . . all of them said , ” Get your realization. Buddha and Mahavera went to such an extent that they said, “Don’t talk of God. Don’t talk of incarnation. Just get your realization”. . . only self-realization . . . nothing else. Because they thought that when you stasrt taslking about God, they just take off.

So, tell them you get your realization, is the point and that’s what’s important. So people called them Avishnavarti (word ?); the ones who are atheists that don’t believe in God. They did believe in God, no doubt. But they didn’t want to talk about it. Because they stopped talking about God because of the talk and talk and talk.

So now, the time has come to have the experience. Unfortunately, Houston seems to be far away from my touring and all that. But in the whole world, we have thousands and thousands of people who have got realization and are doing this work. Not necessarily that you have to give up your job. Nothing

else to be given up. You are so dynamic. You don’t have to change your names and wear funny dresses. Nothing of the kind. (Laughter). Some people think you have to develop some horns, you see. There’s no need to do all that nonsense. Wherever you are, it is an internal change that takes polace. It becomes your own power. Only thing is the glow on the face is different; the glint in the eye is there. And such a person is a very loving, affectionate, and peaceful kind (word?). They don’t get disturbed . . . no pressures of any kind . . . nothing of the kind. Very . . . I should say . . . a contented person . . . a very contented person.

All this is your own judge. (words?) Just this break-through has to take place. And I’m sure it will work out. I think tomorrow we are going to have a workshop for all. (words ? ) (To Warren: Am I supposed to do the experiencing today?) (Warren’s voice: Ask them.) (People’s voices) Thank you. They will always say so. (Shri Mataji’s laughter).

Now we have imported at least twenty-five Sahaja Yogis across the border and I must say that one day should come when we should export from Houston losts of Sahaja Yogis all over the world. That will be the best time. . . when I will enjoy my coming to Houston.

So, as I said it, Truth, Love and Joy are one because all of them are the quality of the Spirit. Truth, you know on your attention. Whenever you spay your attention to someone, you know the truth about that person. You know the truth about yourself. . . and you know the ultimate truth also . . . that you are the Spirit. You are not this body. You are not this mind. You are the Spirit. This is the greatest truth. And that’s why it has to be established. Once you become the truth, all the powers of the Spirit start manifesting automatically. Like a telelvision, if you see, looks like a little box. But once connected, you see the dynamism of that. In the same way, this ultimate break-through has to take place.

May God bless you all.

At the end of it, I would like to thank you very much for arranging this program. And giving me a chance to come and talk to all of them. And hope that next time when I come in September again, I may be able to come back because Houston, as I told you, on my way is a little bit far off. But it doesn’t matter. We’ll have to work it out. If this time some people get realization, I’ll definitely come back here in September.

So, to begin with, as I said, first of all, we must love ourselves. We must forgive ourselves. We have to forgive ourselves and we have to respect ourselves. We are human beings. God has made us from amoeba to this stage. We’re not (word ?); we’re people. In His eyes, we are worth all the heavens and all the universes because you are on the stage and you are going to fulfill His desire . . . because He wants all of you to be in His domain and His Kingdom. So first of all, you have to forgive yourself and not to feel guilty at all. If you feel guilty, I will tell you what happens to you. It’s shocking. If you feel guilty, you develop this center here, which is the left Visshuddi, as we call it. By developing that center, you develop, from the very beginning, is the spondylites.(sp?) If you do not get spondylites, then you develop a disease called angina. So plealse do not feel guilty at all. Perhaps you have no idea what’s love and His compassion. Above all, He is the ocean of forgiveness. Beleive me. His forgiveness is so great that we cannot commit any such mistake that He cannot gorgive us. We have to just forgive ourselves. We should not judge ourselves also. By dondemning ourselves, we are not going to help ourselves at all. On the contrary, just see for yourself that if He is really compassion, the source of all the compassion, the ocean of joy and love, khow can we have a little thing like guilt . . . because that will prevent your ascent. Because in the West, it’s a fashion to be guilty. The language itself goes on, “I’m sorry; I’m afraid.” It starts like that. So the whole language itself is that . . . the whole mentality was that you should take all the blame yourself. All this blame is mine. It’s mine. So please. . . this is one thing that one should not feel guilty. No one should think that you’ve done this mistake and that mistake. That is one thing to begin with . . . and it’s only about ten minutes (words?) and you will get your ascent. And then you will do the same whatever I’m doing here.

Now, first of all for this experience, we have to understand that all these centers are constructed on a physical level. By the five elements . . . and the most important is the Mother element. . . is Mother Earth. So to take help from our Mother Earth, we have to take off our shoes and put our feet on the Mother Earth. She’s thge most helpful thing and this triangular bone is constructed by her special attention. So just put both your feet on the ground at parallel level. Now you have to sit comfortably . . . not uncomfortably . . . but not with a lazy attitude . . . alert attitude; straight; not pushing back your head too much or downward, but in a straight manner. Now with both your feet like this, and you can even take off your glasses becuse you have to keep your eyes shut all the time (words?) . . . and it helps your eyesight as well. Now, both of these hands . . . the left represents the

power of desire and right represents the power of action . . . so we are going to use the left hand for desire to have our realization. So you place it comfortably on your lap or any way towards myself that you feel comfortable. If you think you can keep it on top of the arms of your chair, whichever way you like and the other right hand is to be used for helping your centers. I will tell you how to raise your own Kundalini so you can do it at home also . . . and to raise it properly is pretty easy. And just now, you can raise it yourself. First of all, I will ask you to put your hand on your heart. Do not close your eyes just now. I will show you the centers and you can just place it . . . on the heart first and in the upper part of your stomache, the abdomen . . . then another one is on the lower part of your abdomen . . . on the left hand side. All of the movements are going to be on the left hand side. Then we go back on the upper part of the stomache. Then we go back on the heart again. Then we go back on this center, which I was telling you, between the corner . . . on the corner . . . between the shoulder and the neck. Place your hand like this . . . and turn your head to your right so the hand goes back . . . quite back towards the spinal cord. Then you raise this hand in such a manner that you place the forehead from both the sides . . . place your hand on the forehead, across. And, from both the sides of the hand you press it hard like that. You may bend you head, if you like. Then you can put this right hand on the back of you head . . . not on the neck . . . but the head . . . where the optic lobe is and then press your head backwards, like this. . . push it upwards. Then the last is that you have to set your hand . . . at the center of your palm . . . exactly the center of your palm . . . has to go on the fontanel bone area . . . which was the soft bone in your childhood. Then you have to press it hard . . . stretching your fingers and press it hard . . . seven times . . . move it slowly, yourself. That’s all you have to do. That’s all. So simple as that.

Alright . . . for one thing . . . please don’t open your eyes because attention is to be drawn inside and if the eyes are opened, the attention goes out, you know that very well. Sojust like this (words?) of mine. . . see, the Kundalini is coming up so it pulls out the attention inside with the movement of the Kundalini. Everyone should try this. It’s very simple . . . will help you immensely and then tomorrow, for the workshop, if you come, then we’ll establish well and we’ll let you know what’s to be done about it.

So now we place the left hand towards myself and the right hand on the heart and close our eyes. Just close our eyes. Now, the left hand should be comfortably placed. There should be no discomfort anywhere, I mean, if

you discomfort anywhere, or it’s tight anywhere, you can release it so that you are comfortable. That’s very important because discomfort can take away your attention (words?) So better be comfortable, relaxed and sit in a straight manner. Now please put your right hand on your heart. Now here resides the reflection of God Almighty that is the Spirit in the heart. In human beings it resides in heart, though the seat of God Almighty is on top of your head over the fontanale bone area. But the reflection is in the heart. That’s why heart is so important. Here you have to say or you have to ask a very fundamental question to me. You can call me Shi Mataji. . . if it is easier, you can call me Mother. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Please ask this fundamental question in your heart three times. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” . . . which is the truth, but you ask me the question please.

Don’t feel guilty. I can feel still there’s a lot of guilt going on, so that we think, “How can we be Spirit?” All of you are the Spirit. You don’t know your greatness. You don’t know your glory. Just say, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Put the left hand towards me and right hand on the heart. . . only one hand on the heart . . . one hand towards me. Now take down the right hand on the left hand side in the upper part of your abdomen and press it with your fingers. Now this is the center of your Masters. If you are the Spirit, you are your master and you are your guide, as I told you.

Now here press it hard and ask the question three times again, “Mother, am I my own Master?” “Am I my own guide?” “Am I my own guru?” We are not going against all the great masters who are real masters, sat purshas (word ?) sat gurus; like the great incarnations; like the great prophets. All those great divine people can make us our own guide. Three times please.

Now you have to take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Now, this is a very, very important center. . . that this center is the center which works out all the divine techniques and divine laws of which we are not aware so far. We do not know when the disciples of Christ got their realization through the Holy Ghost. They got. . . they felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and they started talking in a different language. They didn’t speak in some language like Latin or Greek or anything. They spoke the language of the chakras and they started moving their hands so people thought they were mad. But you will see now that all the Divine laws can be managed through your fingers if you get your realization . . . because your fingers become active and emit cool vibrations or cool breeze of the Holy Ghost . . . so there is nothing wrong in that. But those who were not realized poeople cannot understand that and that’s why they called them mad.

That’s not the situation today. Now, please put your hand there on that center which is called swadisthana and here you have to say . . . I mean you have to ask, ” Do you want to have the true knowledge of this technique?” I cannot force on you anything because your freedom is to be respecterd. If you have to get the complete freedom, it should be done on your own choice and your own freedom. So here you have to just say, “Mother, may I please have the divine, pure knowledge?” Please ask six times because this center you will know later has got six petals. Please ask, “Mother, can I have the pure knowledge of the divine?” “Mother, may I have the true knowledge of the divine? Six times. Now six times you have to ask this. (Long Pause). As a result, Kundalini has started moving. So now, to enlarge the higher centers and to give full confidence to the Kundalini, we have to put our right hand in the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard and say there will full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am my own Master. Mother, I am my own guide. ” Please say it with full confidence. There’s no ego about it. With full confidence you must say, so the center of your mastery will open out and the Kundalini can pass through well. It’s effortless. Only thing we are helping the Kundalini to have Her own way upward. This you have to say ten times because there are ten petals to this. This is actually the ten comandments which represent these ten petals and there were ten

satgurus in the past who came again and again on this earth . . . like prophets . . . like Moses . . . like Abraham . . . like Lao Tsu. . . like Socrates. (Pause) Please say this ten times.

Now please raise your right hand to your heart again and press it hard. Here is your Spirit. Again, with full confidence, you have to see the greatest truth. “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say ten times, ” Mother, I am the Spirit.” (Long pause). This you have to say twelve times, with full confidence. Twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.”

Now please raise your right hand and put it on your shoulder, in the corner between the shoulder and your neck, on the left hand side and press it hard. Turn your head to the right . . . so you can push back your hand. Take it from the front side . . . don’t take it from the back . . . but just from the front side across . . . you can do it. Here you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all,” . . . turn your head to the right and say it sixteen times and even then, if you want to feel that you are guilty, or if you really believe that you are guilty, I think that you better punish yourself by saying it one hundred and eight times. You should be pelasantly placed towards yourself, as I have been requesting you . . . to be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Not to condemn yourself all the time . . . to find fault with yourself and to say that you’ve done this mistake and that mistake . . nothing of the kind. So just be very pleasant and happy about it and just say that, “Mother, I’m not gu8ilty at all.” Please turn your head to the right. Please. It (word?) will help you. Sixteen times. Still terrible. Just go on . . . say it from the heart. Please say it from the heart. Still catching very much . . . I don’t know what I’ve said that you feel guilty. If I’ve said something like that forget about it. Forget about my lectures. It’s too much sometimes with the guilt business.

Now, raise your right hand across your forehead. Press it on both the sides. Now here, from your heart, not how many times, from your heart, you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone, ” . . . from your heart. Many of you may think that it’s difficult to forgive. But it is myth. Whether you forgive or don’t forgive . . . only thing, when you don’t forgive them, then you play into wrong hands. So please say from your heart, “Mother, I forgive all of them. Everyone of them.” Don’t try to remember who to forgive, please. (Shri Mataji’s laughter). Now, that’s a nice happy mood, I think. Now, please take your hand back, on the backside. . . now I would

request you not to be very serious about it because if I say something you shouldn’t do it that seriously. It’s a very simple method. So just push back your head and not here . . . not at all to feel guilty. You have to say once more, for your own satisfaction, that “Oh divine, if I’ve done anything wrong, please forgive me.” But don’t try to remember anyuthing like that. . . what wrong you’ve done . . . what harm you’ve done or what harm you done. Nothing of the kind. Just push back your head. . . one minute.

Now, stretch you hands, and putn this hand in such a manner that the center of your palm goes on the fontanele bone area which was a soft bone. Press it hard. . . stretching your fingers and move it seven times . . . slowly . . . slowly . . . in a clockwise manner. That’s all. SPress your head. Press your scalp. . . hard. (Shri Mataji blowing into microphone). Please take down your hand . . . put it on the lap. As the first one. . . now you can open your eyes . . . slowly. Now watch me without thinking. Just watch me without thinking. This is the first state . . . called the nirvichara samadhi . . . where you are without thoughts.

Now put your right hands towards me . . . like this. Slowly. Just right hand like this. . . and with the left hand try to see if you can feel cool breeze coming out of your head. It can be quite high up also. . . with some people could be higher. Alright, now put it . . . this one . . . towards me. . . like this . . . the left one. Now with the right you might try to feel it. You might get some hot . . . also hot breeze coming out . . . also because the heat might be coming out also. Doesn’t matter.

Now please keep this hand . . . now here you have to ask for your realization. I cannot force on you. So you have to put both hands like, “Mother, please may we have our realization? May I have my realization?”

Now, push back both the hands like this and ask a question by pushing back your head towards the sky, asking a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the all pervading power of God? Is this the Brahma Shakti?” Ask three times any one of these questions. Now please take down your hands. Now see for yourself. Are you feeling anything in the hands or not? The cool breeze. . . are you feeling it? It’s all over. Just you can feel it within yourself. You might think it is air conditioning. It has nothing to do because it acts. . . many first think it is air conditioning. Air conditioning cannot act. All right?

Today is the first day. In one day, how much one can explain? It’s a vast ocean of knowledge. I must have given at least two thousand lectures in English language so far. And you can get all these tapes and everything here. They are in video tapes also . . . about everything. But experience is the most important. To keep the experience on. It’s very relaxing. It’s very peaceful. No I would like those who have felt the cool breeze from their hands to see what the result is like? Look at that! May God bless you! May God bless Houston! May God bless you! (Applause) How about you? You got it” Great! Congratulations!

Now respect your realization. You can’t argue it because you go beyond thought. I hope you make it convenient to come for the workshop where we’ll answer all your questions . . . we’ll look after you . . .everyone of you and whatever is possible in these two days, we’ll try to work it out for you. May God bless you. Don’t feel guilty! Even now I’m catching on that finger, so I would request you . . . you will catch on this finger if you feel guilty. All of you. . . so it might get a little burning here. . . so please don’t feel guilty. Be very happy and joyous. We must laugh it out. You (word?) Like I went to Rome and the director of the national television was a very interesting man. He said, “First give me realiztion and then I’ll interview you. I said, ” Alright!” He got his realization and started laughing. He said, “How will I do the program? I feel like laughing all the time.” I said, “Better laugh! That’s the best way.”

So now, tomorrow I hope to see you all. Please make it convenient . . . please. May God bless you. Thank you very much. I thank you very much. May God bless you!

Jai Shri Mataji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For example, there are athiests who don’t believe in God. Alright. Now when they get realization they can ask the question, “Is there God?” Tremendous vibrations. To find out relatively, we can say, take three people – one from a guru who’s horrid, one from a lunatic asylum, and one who’s a realized soul, according to us. Alright? Now you put themn together. You’ll find the one who’s from the guru, maybe feeling hot . . . very hot . . . or may not get realization at all . . . maybe frozen . . . anything. The one from lunatic asylum may feel hot . . . horrible . . . but he may get well . . . he may get realization. And the third person, who is the one who is a realized soul will get only a cool breeze. We have cured many people who are meantally like that . . . many have been cured . . . you can cure also.

It is you who become that – is the point. You become that – it’s your right. You have been seeking all your lives. Actually, it is impossible to believe that there could be someone who does it just for loves sake. You can’t believe itr because it’s so money oriented – the whole thing is so money oriented. . . that we can’t believe it. Even our parents; we think they love us for money. I mean, it has gone to that limit of absurdity. But God is l,ove and love is there. Ånd in his love everyone should do it. It has to happen.

Any other questions?

Question: (A woman asks where the other public meeting will be).

(Warren says he’ll make an announcement later)

Mother: You see, all of us have got it and we’ll give all that to you and you’ll come along to those lectures and you will help us to bring . . . . (you see actually we do not know how to meet the seekers. That’s the main point with us. And we don’t need anything else. Like the lady offered ? also. We don’t need it. We don’t need any money. We have everything. We have no problem. And no money . . . nothing. We have got places to live in and we have no problem of any kind. What we want . . . we have also got halls and everything and we don’t need anything. But what we want . . . that we want . . . seekers to come down and you have to suggest how to get them; that’s all.
(Announcements of meetings)

Question: ( A lady asks for Mother’s comment on somebody but asks Her not to judge.)

Mother: No, I have to. I’m sorry, I have to. You see, it’s very good of you to say that I should not make comment(word?). But I have to. I’m sorry.

Because you see, I can’t bear to see the way their kundalini’s have gone down. The connection has to be. You see, when Christ was criticizing them, they said the same thing to him. “Why should you criticize them? They don’t critisize you?”

So He said, “The Satanic are not going to speak against the Satanic.”

That’s what it is. You do not know how serious it is. When you will know, you will be amazed. You do not know how serious it is and that’s shy you are saying that. Once you find out shy I am saying this. You see, it is not easy to say anything against these people. It’s not easy. Bust none of them . . . I have said about them . . . each one of them about l0 years back . . . openly . . . about each one of them . . . who they are. Nobody has even tried to even bring any suit or any law suit against me. And whatever is wrong, I have to say that. I’m sorry, my child. You see, this is not a thing where you can allow Satanic things to happen. We have to discriminate. You will know yourself. You cannot love a snake like that. You must know a snake is a snake and a human being is a human being. Everybody has his own values. You see, I am not here going to be angry with you for that. But I am angry with them! . . . with all of them ! Definitely. You do not . . . you just wait and see. You yourself will be so angry. I’ll show you. Say, a girl who came from one of them . . . thugs. She was epileptic. Her daughter was epileptic. Her husband was epileptic. She was a granddaughter of a Duke. She had lost all her money. They had sold their house. They were on the streets. Absolutely. And she is a seeker! If you are a mohter, what would you say to that?

You will say they are very nice people? You will go and garland them? Not one, but I’ll show you thousands of them. Here we have cases who have come. She is Hesta – sitting here. You just ask her. How much she was harmed! How she was harmed. She would have been dead! Do you think I should say they are nice people? Apart from anything else, they spoil your chances of realization.

I am not here for votes or anything. Why should I try to please them? I have to tell the truth, if you don’t mind. I have to tell.

Question: Oh, then I would just like to ask, what about people that are doing chakra therapy and they charge very high prices? Maybe they are not high prices and they help people and yet people don’t have that kind of money. I would like to ask you, what do you think about people who do chakra therapy and charge fees?

Mother: I don’t know what sort of a . . . (word?) make believes. How can you have any kind of chakra thearpy without realization? It’s all make believe. You blieve all this nonsensical people. What am I to do now? Why do you believe them? You see chakra therapy, I mean I don’t know . . . an ordinary Indian can understand. Only a saint can do it. He has to be a saint. How can he charge money? A saint will not take a pie from you. It is a simple thing, try to understand that.

Question: Well, I always thought that, but this is America. Chakra therapy is a new thing, I’ve heard . (laugh) (woman keeps telling her story)

Mother: I tell you that. What is it. You might get a temporary help. No doubt about it. You can get a temporary help. You see, now you are bringing into controversies so I have to tell you about it. But you don’t mind it. What heppens within us, we have some stored energies in the chakras, alright? And, like acupuncture, is also . . . is not to be done by someone who is not a realized soul. Is to be done only by realized souls. If acupuncture is done by someone who is not a realized soul . . . I mean it’s against Zen (?). It’s against. You have to be a (word ?), I mean people don’t read about it. A Cusha (word ?) means a realized soul. If you are not a realized soul, you are not supposed to do it.

Now, this one also – chakra therapy – what you can do is to work on the sympathetic nervous system. Now the sympathetic nervous system, you can pull out the little energy that you have, but you develop other problems with it. Sahaja Yoga is a thing by which you get open to the all pervading power. . all the time flowing within us. You have to open yourslf to that universal being within your heart . . . which is the spirit. You don’t have to sort of lessen energy here and energy there and energy there. You don’t have to take that energy out. But the energy from the above comes in. Like grace, it flows. And that’s how always such things can lead into terrible problems . . . mental problems. . . all kinds of things.

Supposing you try to treat somebody mentally. . . then you extract the physical energy. Then the person will suffer physically. You see, this

stored energy for a particular chakra, which I will explain to you . . . everything . . . all right? And you cannot charge for raising your kundalini because you have your kundalini intact there. You are just there. You have everything. Only thing, by my being here, your kundalini rises by itself. So you cannot pay. Do you pay the Mother Earth for sprouting a seed?

They do help temporarily. They do. For example, somebody gives you a mantra. Alright, take a mantra . . . I’ll tell you . . . say they say Rama Sita. Now, there cannot be only one mantra belonging to any one in any science of mantras. Because you people are so naive . . . you see . . . they say “all right, you take the name of Rama.” This cannot be done. Rama mantra is only on the right heart chakra. If you have a problem, has to be given by a realized soul because it has to be a connected one. It is a science, you know. All of them know what mantra is to be said at what point because they know how to raise the kundalini. . . they know where it is obstructed and what mantra is to be said and which Deity is to be awakened. Notice the mantra for which particular mantra (word?) . . . they know all that and they know all the methods.

But why they may give you a mantra? Now, you may feel better . . . really, sometimes you may feel dynamic. You feel, “Oh, I am very activated; maybe I am over active.” And a spirit (if that name may be allowed) may come around . . . and you may become possessed . . . and you might become extremely active. But, then you’ll go down. Within five years, there will be a complete decline. You’ll be a recluse. You’ll be a frightened person. You’ll be a coward. You won’t be able to even . . . there are people I’ve known who can not even face (what do you call that ) garlic. Can you imagine . . . afraid of a vegetable? It’s really . . . there are people, if you snow then garlic, they are frightened. I mean, are you going to become like that? Is that freedom?

Question: (A man had treid raising his kundalini and was asking about seeing something (?) in his head and other places).

Mother: You see, if you try your own self, you see trying with the kundalini . . . actually the sympathetic goes into activity. You have no right on the parasympathetic. Parasympathetic is the one which balances and that is the central path of Sushumna through which the kundalini has to rise. But if you try anything, what you do is . . . always you can use sympathetic. I’ll give you an example. Supposing you are running fast. Alright, then you can raise the rate of your heart. But you cannot slow it down. It slows down

by itself. That is parasympathetic activity. So you just get into sympathetic activity and sympathetic activity, if you overdo it, then all these symptoms happen and it’s not healthful. On the contrary, chakras go into . . .(quite like this is the left and the right sympathetic and these are the centers). They get pulled down like that and if they are pulled like this, then you are harmed. So is not an experience of kundalini; is of the sympathetic.

Question: “. . . . this wasn’t anything I was looking for or asking for, (etc.)but how come it went down, instead of coming up?”

Mother: No, it doesn’t go down. Kundalini never goes down. It goes upward . . . always. The thing that comes down is the grace, you see. The grace comes down, not the Kundalini. Kundalini always goes upwards. And the grace comes on your sympathetic which cools you down completely. You become absolutely relaxed with the grace. But the kundalini itself always goes up. It never comes down. But, in people, it so happens that kundalini goes through this central path. Now, if it is . . . sort of . . . very much rugged or if it is extremely smooth due to the mistakes of the seekers, then it falls down. It falls down . It falls down is a different point then going like that. It falls down. Then you have to raise it again and tie it up. Again, raise it and tie it up. In many people, it has to be done but it can work out.

You will get the complete knowledge, don’t you worry. Now, he has been in eighteen months, but he is a master of kundalini. He can raise your kundalini and you are just like him. You would become the same. There’s no problem at all. It will work out.

Question: ” How did you get your realization?”

Mother: I was born like that. I’m like this for ages. . . ancient. I am a mystery . . . I should say at the beginning. We should keep it as a mystery. Then you’ll discover me, all right? Let’s have it that way. First you discover yourself and then discover me. Will be better idea, isn’t it? Because I don’t want to say something which will unnecessarily make some people upset. Best is . . . you become something.

Question: ” Is it true a realized guru has cool air; not hot?”

Mother: No, hot is very dangerous.

Interuption: “. . . . but a cool one, is also dangerous?”

Mother: . . . but you don’t get air. You might feel extremely cool if you are a low blood pressure patient. If you are a left sided persons . . . if you are possessed, you feel absolutely cool, very cool. That’s not good. Feeling cool is different from a cool breeze; like you feel a breeze coming. But should not be hot in any case. Hot is a very dangerous thing. If it is too hot, that heat , it’s not good.

Question: “Why do you get a blow of hot air?”

Mother: It’s a friction. It’s a friction of the Divine. You see, when the Kundalini’s rising, She should normally give you cool breeze. . . cool breeze in the hands . . . then She does. But if there’s a friction . . . always friction makes it hot. But it cools down. There’s no problem. In the beginning, most of you will get hot, little bit. Because, after all, you see you know . . . you are all very complicated people. Our brains especially are modern brains, you see. So we have been thinking, thinking, thinking. Just, we cannot stop our thinking for a minute even. But the first thing that will happen is that you enter into thoughtless awareness. That’s called as Nirvachara Samahdi, in Sanskrit. Means you become. . . you are aware, absolutely aware. There are no thoughts. The thoughts(word?) . . . that the awakening of Christ – that’s the thing that should happen to you. Once that happens, then it passes through here and you can feel the cool breeze.

Many people who smoke cannot feel breeze in the hand at the beginning because of this chakra being a little bit in trouble. But, then you start feeling . Marsha (??), you feel quite all right in the hands? She used to smoke. She is a great seeker, I must say.

All right, should we have it now?

Question: “If we’re going to receive the Kundalini awakening, is it a process over several days?”

Mother: No, it is a split of a second actually; it is a split of a second. But it takes time in some people, as I said, because if there are obstructions . . . you see. Now if you have a beautiful runway and a beautiful aircraft, then the landing and take off are very smooth. But sometimes it is a second-hand stop.

Interruption: ” Then, you mean it may come tomorrow?”

Warren: No, it’s highly likely you’ll get it tonight.

Mother: Yes, of course, just now. Just now. But you have to learn how to maintain it, is the point. Just now, you are going to have it. It’s spontaneous. It is just now. But only one thing is that you should know how to maintain it. Now supposing you get it and then outside you start thinking about it. Then it goes down. The vibrations will be lost. You have to be careful. It’s like a seed sprouting, you know. . . a seed sprouting. It’s a seedling in the beginning. So you have to be careful for about seven days. If you are careful, it is settled down in about seven days. You have to be careful. We will tell you about it.

Interruption: “The reason I’m asking is because we’ll become messengers . . ”

Mother: Yes, of course, of course. Next time I’m not going to import people from Australia and from England. You have got to have the Americans here to do this job. We are not going to import them from all over the place. Two are coming from Switzerland. So that’s not a very good sign. I think, actually, Americans should go abroad and do it. They’ll go to India and to Indian villages. . . and they’ll do it in the Indian villages. Very simple, alright?

Question: (Unintelligible. . . something about a headache).

Mother: I tell you what’s the problem with you. You have a liver problem. You have a liver problem and that is showing. You see this is the beauty of Sahaja Yoga. Once you get realization, you start seeing your body; feeling it. Whatever your problem, you know. You have You have a liver problem and it has to be corrected. Now, I know you have a liver problem sitting down here. And it’s very simple. Now in Sahaja Yoga, you can correct your liver in no time. Once you correct your liver, you’ll have never a headache. But, it suggests that you have that and you’d better get rid of it. You see it’s good you have a headache, now you’ll get after your liver. Otherwise, it becomes horribly bad, if you continue. I mean, a person becomes mad and still he doesn’t know that he’s gone mad. It’s like that. The disease crawls into you. But in Sahaja Yoga, immediately you know. And you are a liver patient, you know that. It has to be corrected and it’s not difficult. Most of the diseases can be cured, except for a few like I should say, cataracts or something like that where something is dead or maybe where they put an artificial limb and all that. We can’t work out all of these things. But most of the things get cured, automatically. I mean, here they say if you cure someone, you’ll get put in the prison. I mean, I don’t cure. You just get cured, you see. So I hope legally I’m all right. Christ would have been in jail here. I don’t know about the laws. But this time, I’m sure they cannot crucify me. It’s alright. Let’s work it out.

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