To Cross The Barrier of Mental Activity


“One has to understand that to get to truth, to get to reality one has to cross the barrier of mental activity.” ∼ Shri Mataji, 1985-05-29


Meditation Is Like Sunshine To A Tree


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Women Are The Edifice of Humanity

Shri Mataji taught thousands of women around the world to find their inner potential of Womanhood and to have faith in themselves.

I have to specially make a very important request to the women that in these modern times, they are the ones who are going to save the world. Not the men. They have done their job before. Now it is for you to save, with your understanding, with your compassion, with your sacrifices, with your wisdom and the innate love, not only your children, your husband, your family, but the whole world.” ∼ Shri Mataji, 1988

601583_440098949404257_253947316_nIt is evident that women are the creators and the preservers of the entire humankind. This is the role which the almighty God has given, assigned to them. Seeds cannot create anything by themselves. It is the Mother Earth which provides the flowers and the fruits and other bounties. Similarly, it is the woman who creates the child, who nurtures the baby and eventually brings up the citizen of tomorrow. Women must therefore rank with Mother Earth as the edifice of the entire humanity.” ∼ Shri Mataji, 1995

“The power of a woman is like that of the Mother Earth. See how much She’s done for you. She’s given you all the greenery, the beauty. Wherever She goes down, She fills Herself up with water, and She gives you such joy and happiness and bears all the problems of the world despite of whatever things we have done to Her, despite the way we extracted all Her wealth and everything, still She’s giving us wealth. That’s what we are!” ∼ Shri Mataji, 1987-08-08


This post is published to honor all the Mothers, Grandmothers and Grand-Grand-Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunties and Nieces in the world.

Find a free ongoing weekly meditation program near you in Connecticut or simply look up Sahaja Yoga Meditation in your city!


The Secret To Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life

To be able to let go of the past and not to worry about the future you have to first reach the higher state of Thoughtless Awareness, a state which allows you to be in the present moment.

In this state everything shifts. Your whole perspective of life changes and with it your own reactions to it.

When you live in the present you enjoy every moment of your life. You see something beautiful like a flower, a painting, anything and you feel this inner silence, undisturbed by any mental reactions.

When you become thoughtlessly aware, the whole joy of the creation comes into you and fills you with Divine grace.

Emotionally you become very balanced, even in a time of crisis. In such a time if you can go beyond your mental state into the thoughtless awareness state then the Divine takes over your problems, protects you and takes you out of it.

In this state you discover what is right and wrong. You become extremely alert, much more than normal. Your health improves. You become a better person. You start enjoying everyone. You become a person who is balanced. Who is wise. Who does not feel the burden of stress or strains, problems or worries. That is the sign that you have reached the state of Sahaj.

Make it a daily goal to get in touch with this state at least once. Watch something beautiful, take in the moment and feel how you become silent within.

The practice is much easier if you have your Kundalini Awakening. Your Kundalini helps to raise you into the state of Thoughtless Awareness.

Find a free ongoing weekly meditation program near you in Connecticut or simply look up Sahaja Yoga Meditation in your city!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes

This clip shows one of the usual Sahaja Yoga meditation classes. Music is a great way to go into meditation, a state where we are free of thoughts and feel at peace with ourselves and the world. We might not have life music at every class although we sometimes try to incorporate that as well!

Meditation classes are free and suitable for both complete beginners and regular meditators. Chairs are provided. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required.

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We Can Only Know The Divine Through Our Heart

Sahaja Yoga gives not only an ocean of knowledge but also the experience. All the scriptures and spiritual practices can be explained and experienced with Sahaja Yoga.

focus on top of your head

The most important step to take in Sahaja Yoga is the Awakening of the Kundalini, the inner spiritual Mother who rises along the spine and pierces through the 7th chakra on top of the head to connect us to the all-pervading power of the Divine Love.

The connection can be felt as a cool breeze over the head. Therefore you will always see that in our meditation events at one point we hold a hand over the head to check if this connection has been established.

The 7th center is called the Thousand Petal Lotus or Sahasrara in which all the other six energy-centers are integrated. The seat of our Heart center in the Sahasrara is exactly on top of the head where the Kundalini goes through.

This means that we have a Heart-to-Heart-Connection with the Divine. And only through your heart you can know the Divine.



Joy Is The Love In Our Heart

Joy is absolute. In joy there is no unhappiness or happiness. It is not bound to anything. It is the love in our heart.

When the shells of our ego break away and our Spirit emerges then we feel the complete freedom of enjoying the joy.

Once that happens we develop that respect about the glory that we are. The end goal of our spiritual journey is to bubble with joy. 10919042_953028504716365_1071850849960934395_n

Find a free ongoing weekly meditation program near you by visiting the link. You can also simply look up Sahaja Yoga Meditation in your city!

Meditation Music – Amazing Voice!

Ancient Sanskrit Shloka followed by TURYA’s Album title track Ocean. Filmed by Anand Singh and Kevin Smith at the St Pancras Old Church. Video sound controlled by Nadia Chopra.

Do Not Only Listen To Your Intuition But Obey It

So worth watching! And not only for the beautiful songs! What an inspiring testimonial!

Have you ever genuinely felt in your heart and soul that something is wrong, but you did it anyway? Find out what happened to singer songwriter Rachelle Jeanty, former backvocalist of Celine Dion, on her rise and fall to success, and her experience with a life changing meditation and Divine guidance through Intuition. Music composed and played by Falk Bonitz. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


If you are interested in Rachelle’s experiences keep on watching:


Find a free ongoing weekly meditation program near you by visiting the link. You can also simply look up Sahaja Yoga Meditation in your city!

Sahaja Yoga is To Spread Your Wings and Fly High

A chick in the egg can not understand the sky
But the bird spreads its wings to soar high.

Sahaja Yoga starts where most other methods end, with the Awakening of the Kundalini. At the time of our Awakening we drop the shells of our Ego which is nothing but an illusion of ourselves. We find a new Self, our True Self which was always there waiting for us to be discovered. We realize that we have “wings” and learn how to use them.
Once we have gained full mastery we can throw ourselves into the skies of life, soar through the clouds (or around them), towards the Sun, carried by the cool wind of the Divine Love showing us a higher perspective and filling us with the joy of existence.

vibrations in hand)

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