Check Your Vibrations – A Guide How To Do It

There are mainly two aspects we want to check:

1) The state of our three channels
2) The state of our seven energy-centers

Please note that this will only work when your Inner Energy has been awakened. If you want to awaken your Inner Energy click here.

Some helpful preparations before you start:


Have a place at home which you design specially for your meditation. Create a small altar where you can put a i.e. beautiful candle, incense and/or flowers. Many people also put the photo of Shri Mataji there as her photos emit very strong vibrations and help deepen the meditation – just try it out, experiment!

Settle down before your meditation

You should sit in a very comfortable position, it can be on the ground or on a chair.

Each time before and after our meditation we raise our energy and give ourselves a “shield of protection”. While doing this you can feel an immediate effect of calming down and relaxing.
Here is a nice animation how to do it: charlie.swf
You can also find a detailed description in our Meditation Tips on page 4 and 5: Meditation Tips

Focus on top of your head

The seventh energy-center (on top of the head) is the point where our connection with the All-pervading Power happens. When we focus there we allow this power to flow into us, support our Inner Energy and provide us with everything we need. It helps to put your hand on top of your head to focus there for some moments.

Try to keep the focus on top of your head throughout the whole session. At the beginning it might be a challenge to focus on two aspects at the same time – i.e. on top of your head and on your hands – but with time it will become easier, it only needs a little bit of practicing.

Step 1) Check the state of your three channels

When you feel completely at ease see how your hands are feeling. They can feel cool, warm, heavy, tingling, or just somehow different.

When both hands are cool all your three channels are in balance.

Left Hand: warm, heavy, tingling, or just not really cool sensations in the left hand means that your left channel needs attention
Right Hand: warm, heavy, tingling or just not really cool sensations in the right hand means that your right channel needs attention
Both Hands:  warm, heavy, tingling or just not really cool sensations in both hands means that your center channel needs attention

Click here for a short overview of the subtle body

Click here for a detailed description of the Left Channelthe Right Channel and the Center Channel.

Step 2) Check the state of your seven energy-centers

Put your attention on the fingers of both of your hands and see if one or more fingers feel significantly different. Each finger and some parts of the hand correspond to a specific energy-center. The fingers on the chart of the subtle body have the same color as the corresponding energy-center so it is easy to find out which finger represents which center. The same “rules” are applied also here:

Coolness: the energy-center is in balance
Warmth, heavy sensation, tingling, or just not cool: the energy-center needs attention

Click here for a short overview of the subtle body

Click here for a detailed description of the Seven Energy Centers

“Use” Meditation

If your three channels and all your energy-centers were cool there is no need to balance yourself. You most certainly will be in a joyful mood, feeling at ease with yourself and everyone around.  To meditate in such a state will give you deep experiences in your meditation and open up new dimensions of your personality that will just increase your joy of being yourself.

If you felt other sensations than cool – which most of the time all of us have – it means that this part needs to be nourished. With time we will try to load up guided meditations for specific aspects.
For now we have one guided meditation for balancing the Left and Right Side.
If you feel a specific energy-center there is a simple method which is also effective:
Keep your left hand, palms open, on your lap, put your right hand directly on the energy-center that needs attention. When you meditate in this position for several minutes you allow the energy to flow directly into the energy-center. After some time feel again if the sensation in the respective finger has changed.
You can also visit the website where you will find 10 online meditation classes 

If you have any questions, or you would like to have a more specific meditation for a certain problem then please write to us:
As we try to answer all requests it might take a little while (normally not more than up to four days) to write back but we most certainly will.

18 Comments on “Check Your Vibrations – A Guide How To Do It

  1. Jai shree mata ji, I feel vibratiion on left index finger and some times in left ring finger as soon as i start meditation.
    Sensation of something flowing in both hands .

  2. Hi I’ve been feeling tingling sensation in my right hand index finger. What does it mean?

    • The right index finger is connected with the right Vishuddhi, the right side of the throat. This center has to do with everything communication. When their is a tingling (after you have received the awakening of your Kundalini) then it indicates that it is clearing something. We can introspect if we ourselves have communicated in a way that hurt someone else or if we have accepted it when someone communicated with us in a hurtful way. It can also indicate that maybe we did not speak up when we should have or that generally we keep things inside instead of talking about them.
      I hope that helped!

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  4. i felt tingling in my pinky finger on my right hand, what does this mean?

    • Hi Alexia, the right pinky finger is connected to the heart chakra on the right side, the right chest. This center represents fatherhood. If there is a catch there, a blockage, then it can hint that there is either a problem in the relationship with our father or we have a problem as a father, or our father has a problem; it goes further to any person who is in a leadership position, in work, our government or we as a leader and as someone who took up a responsibility and if we deal with our responsibilities in a balanced way.
      A tingling indicates that some blockage in this area is being released.

  5. Namaste sir,
    I feel tingling sensation on my head almost most of the time.Is it ok.

    • Yes, that is ok and nothing to worry about. It means that your Kundalini is opening out your Sahasrara chakra. Keep meditating and do foot-soaking every day and you will start experiencing deep and profound things in your life.

  6. Suddenly I have stopped getting vibrations ..Neither i feel my kundalini being rising…How to work on it

    • There can be different reasons but one of the main reason usually is when we mix other spiritual practices with Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Nowadays a lot of different spiritual practices are offered everywhere but not all of them are good (especially when money is involved) and some can block your Kundalini.
      The best is to connect with local Sahaja Yoga practitioners and attend regular meditations.

  7. Jai Shree Mataji ,Yes, yesterday I felt whole day Vibration in my left index finger ,still at mornings 4.57 A.M. ,what indication of this vibration in left index finger ? please clear to me Jai Shree Mataji

    • Hi Devadutta, the left index finger is related to the left part of the Vishuddhi (throat) center. It represents the qualities of self respect and chastity, also of the pure brother and sister relationship. From the Indian scriptures it represents the qualities of Shri Vishnumaya, also being the sister to Shri Krishna.

  8. What is meant by vibration in vishudhi chakra of left hand?

    • Could you explain more to what you are referring? If you mean that you feel cool vibrations in the left index finger which is the one connected to the Vishuddhi (throat) chakra then it means that this part of your energy-center is in balance. The deeper qualities of the left side of this center are self-respect and a deep sense of the in-build moral values that we all have. In the West this is often blocked with guilt-feelings which do not allow us to respect ourselves. There is a fine line between bad conscious where we know we made a mistake and correct it or guilt feelings where we start beating ourselves up over and over again for a mistake which is wrong because it does not allow us to respect ourselves. If you felt coolness in that part of the energy-center or left index-finger it is really great!

  9. I feel tingling on overall of my both the palms while meditating, in between I even feel breeze flowing on my both the palms. What does this indicate?
    Also I feel heavy tingling on my crown chakra, as if something is coming out.

    • Congratulations! You have reached a state where you can already feel how your Kundalini, the Inner Energy is working in you. That is a big step forward! The tingling sensations mean that some problem is being thrown out of your subtle system, the coolness indicates that something has been cleared and the energy can flow without hindrance.

    • If you feel cool vibrations in the left hand it means that your emotional side is in balance. You might experience this by feeling in harmony with yourself and others, being able to let go of negative emotions and being filled with compassion and love for others.

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