All the scriptures talked about the “second birth” but what does it mean?

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, explained:

“Whatever has been the philosophy so far was that you have to know yourself: ‘Know Thyself’.
Also Socrates said the same thing and Christ said the same thing, that you are to be born again. All the scriptures, all the saints have said: ‘You are to be born again’ or ‘You have to know yourself.’

Now how to do it?

You see, how to achieve it was the problem which now is being solved. Not only that it is solved for one person but solved for many because you can do it en-masse because we have a power within us.

I think the Greeks knew about it because they called this triangular bone as sacrum, meaning sacred. So, they knew there is this power – sacred power – inside that and this is the power when it is awakened and passes through six subtle centers, pierces through your fontanel bone area, you get in touch with that All-pervading subtle Power about which all these saints have talked. And then you start feeling the cool breeze on your finger-tips. Also, you start feeling the cool breeze on top of your head. Then this power is your new dimension to your central nervous system.” – 1990-0304

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