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Today We Celebrate the Return of The Sun!

Warmth of the Sun represents the Warmth of God’s Love. 

How To Achieve World Peace

How To Achieve World Peace
“Peace within will only bring the peace outside. Whatever we are inside is expressed outside.” – Shri Mataji

All the scriptures talked about the “second birth” but what does it mean?

When the dormant power inside of us is awakened we receive a new sense, means we start feeling a new energy flowing in our hands and over the head: the cool breeze described in all the scriptures…

Small Habits Make a Big Difference: The One Tiny Step That Makes Meditation Really Easy

There is a rising awareness about the amazing benefits of meditation but it is often really hard for people to get into it. Know that there is nothing wrong with you. You just need the right meditation technique.

Seekers of Truth – a question of becoming

Seekers of Truth – a question of becoming
There are barriers within us,
built in, not because of anything else,
but only because we have misled ourselves.

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