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The Spiral Way that Leads to a Higher Awareness

Discover the gentle calmness and peace that comes with the Awakening of your own Inner Energy. The soothing connection with your Inner Being.

How To Achieve World Peace

How To Achieve World Peace
“Peace within will only bring the peace outside. Whatever we are inside is expressed outside.” – Shri Mataji

The Absolute Is Within All of Us

“We have to become absolute, otherwise what’s the meaning of creating us and making us human beings. And that absolute has to be somewhere within us as described by all the scriptures. So it must relate to all the scriptures.” – Shri Mataji

You Have To Be Born Twice

You know you are truly born again when you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Spirit.

The Highest Goal For a Spiritual Seeker…

The highest thing for any seeker should be -who is a real seeker, not an unreal one – for the real seeker should be that he should find himself, his own Spirit. He must know himself. That is the main thing. Shri Mataji, 1982-1028

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