One Human Family

Who can watch events unfolding in our country and remain unaffected? It is heartbreaking to see. We are One human family.

When we meditate, we connect with our Spirit, the pure and eternal essence of ourselves. The power of Spirit is collective, there is no exclusion or differentiation. The kundalini does not distinguish between races, colors, genders, ages – it is a universal force of love.

When the kundalini rises and the mind becomes still, we reach a state of awareness known as collective consciousness. In this state, all boundaries disappear.

Let’s meditate as ONE.

Join our daily online meditations. Share it with as many as you can.

Join Our Daily Free Online Meditations for the East Coast/ US

Day / Time:
Monday to Friday: 7:00 PM EST;
Saturday:  11:00 AM EST
Sunday:     1:30 PM

Zoom Link:
You can also call in at 646-876-9923. Follow the recorded instructions once you call in.

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