The More You Give The More You Receive

One of the things that you experience with Sahaja Yoga Meditation is that the more you give the more you receive. Now, what does this mean because, after all we do not give any money to purchase our spirituality?

If you have attended any of our meditations, in person or online, if you have felt a cool (or sometimes warm) breeze coming out of your head, then you can already give this gift to others by simply holding your hand over the head of the person until you feel a cool or warm breeze coming out of their head.
Clipboard01Often paintings of Saints and prophets were shown holding the hand over the head of a person. That is because regardless of what spiritual practice we follow we are all still built in the same way – we all have the same red blood, and we all have the same sacred energy in us which has to be awakened to take the next step towards our connection with the Divine where we stop believing and start knowing (you will find the reference in all scriptures, that you have to be born twice, once in the flesh, then in the spirit).
The gift of Shri Mataji to humankind was to make it available for all of us. No need anymore to retreat into a monastery or into the wilderness of the Himalayas. We can have it right here and now, in our own living room to make this very normal day-to-day life more and more spiritual and with it find our deeper meaning.
Daily meditation is the key to have deeper experiences. Sharing it is like putting the 7-miles-boots on – for those who do not know the story – with 1 step you can cover 7 miles.
Therefore you see us all so enthusiastically sharing it with everyone because apart from the joy to enrich other lives with such a tremendous knowledge and experience we also receive so much.
In the Divine realms things do work a little bit differently and that is one of them! Give and you will receive! The more you give away, the richer you will become – spiritually of course, but you will find that also all of your financial and worldly problems will suddenly be taken care of in miraculous ways.
If you do not feel yet so confident (and I get that totally because it took me some time to feel confident enough to share it) then you can share the below video which was recorded on the 5th May in celebration of 50 years of Sahaja Yoga Meditation where throughout the day there were guided meditations to awaken this inner energy. Show one of the 11 meditations in this video to others, then hold your hand over their head and see if you can feel their energy coming through. You will find a lot of joy doing it!

Wishing you deep meditations! Angelika

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