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You Are Your Own Master, Your Own Guru, Your Own Guide

Through the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga you become a master of yourself. You become your own guide and guru and then you have to just know how to use this power. And this knowledge is also available absolutely free.


How Sahaja Yoga Meditation saved the life of a child diagnosed with leukemia.

Have You Ever Wished You could Identify Your Own Physical, Emotional or Mental Problems and Being Able to Help Yourself? Then You Want to Watch This…

Wait… you can learn how to know the roots of your problems, how to solve them, how to do the same for others, how to achieve a higher awareness, how to know much more about yourself than you ever did before… and that all for FREE ???!!!!!

Why in Times of the Covid Crisis Sahaja Yoga Meditation Can Make a Big Difference – A Medical Research

Why is it that Western medicine has evolved so much but cannot provide a cure for some of the common disorders and how Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the easiest and fastest solution compared to all other forms of Yogas and meditations.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Is The Most Practical Thing in Your Life – a story how i found my dream job

Have you ever had the dread of having to search for a new job? Getting stressed over interviews with people who will scrutinize every bit of your professional self, moving you through seemingly endless cycles of assessments together with sometimes 200+ competitors, then the anxious waiting for a ‘Yes’ that might never come… no fun!
But with Sahaja Yoga Meditation nothing to make your hair grey (or greyer)!

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