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Is That You?

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What You Will Know Once You Have Your Self-Realization

Once you have your Realization you will know what peace is within and then you will know what peace is without. Then you will know that you are a part and parcel of the whole, that you become part and parcel of the whole.… Continue Reading “What You Will Know Once You Have Your Self-Realization”

Imagine There Is A War and Nobody Shows Up… even better, to open the door inside yourself to connect to a new dimension, the Divine dimension and become truly an instrument of peace and transformation for this world

With the Awakening of the Inner Energy a door inside of us is being opened and when entering through it we enter into a new dimension, the dimension of the Divine.
Today it is more important than ever for everyone to receive this priceless gift to humankind for which you cannot pay but you can become a channel of the Divine Love and bring a real and transformative change into this world.
Today this message is more important than ever! Please share it with everyone and join our free meditations for peace!

The Spiral Way that Leads to a Higher Awareness

Discover the gentle calmness and peace that comes with the Awakening of your own Inner Energy. The soothing connection with your Inner Being.


Join seven guided meditations for a NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR

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