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Song Called Life

Something beautiful to enjoy… Join Our Daily Free Online Meditations for the East Coast/ US For the free daily Tristate-meditations please register via: http://www.sahajayoganewyork.com/signup

Death ?! A Myth

“Just like that, as our clothes become dirty we change them, or become old we just change it – that’s all.

Death does not exist. It’s a myth.”

Meditation and Music Program Friday, May 30th, Ridgefield Park, NJ

Please RSVP by emailing sahaja30may@gmail.com

The “I Am That I Am” In Each Of Us

Conventional religions are mistaken: God is not some being that is without. God is the divinity and the connection within us all. God is the “I am that I am”, the eternal spirit that resides within each of us. http://www.free-meditation.ca/archives/16066

A Stress-Free Life

Sir C.P. Srivastava,  former secretary of Prime Minister Shastri in India and later on secretary-general of the London-based International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency, gives a glimpse into his life with his wife, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at a conference about stress & tension management. He… Continue Reading “A Stress-Free Life”

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