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Truth and Love Are the Same

Truth is Divine Love and this Divine Love has no consequences. It doesn’t blame anything, doesn’t want anything, just wants to love. Shri Mataji, 1993-1211 “Truth and love are one and the same. Those who know the truth can only know it through love. When you love someone you know everything about them. You know what they like,… Continue Reading “Truth and Love Are the Same”

Seekers of Truth – The Experience of Truth

Seekers of Truth – The Experience of Truth
The experience of truth has to be felt on the central nervous system.
This time is for you to know all these secrets.

The Water-Drop Stories

“As I told you, the drop becomes the ocean; and the drop has to become the ocean by dissolving all its ‘dropness’ with other drops. And all the drops dropping their dropness become the ocean ultimately. “ ∼ Shri Mataji, 08/06/1982 The Water-Drop Stories by Werner Steindl (translated from German into English) The Master (to his… Continue Reading “The Water-Drop Stories”

To Cross The Barrier of Mental Activity

“One has to understand that to get to truth, to get to reality one has to cross the barrier of mental activity.” ∼ Shri Mataji, 1985-05-29

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