The Pulsation of Truth Is Joy

public program in 1978

Lady: I’ve searched for the truth for so long. I know the truth is in you, I know that, without any – I read this paper (unclear), and I knew immediately. And in thirty-three years I have searched for someone who really speaks the truth and doesn’t bend the truth, and you don’t find those,

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s why you find it, also. If you accept something as truth and you linger on it, then it is a wrong thing, you see? And then what happens, that you are identified with it, and it’s very difficult because these misidentifications cannot drop out. You have to give up this misidentification, then only the truth comes within you.

And truth is the most joy giving thing. I mean it is joy. Truth is joy and that is beauty, sat-chit-ananda.

It is not a harsh thing.

Truth is not harsh. People think truth means harsh stuff, no it is not. It is the most beautiful thing. It is the most delicate thing. It is a very subtle thing and it is the most joy-giving thing.

It is the truth that when it ripples, you see when it pulsates, then you get the joy. The pulsation of truth is joy. It is not harsh, it is extremely kind, compassion. Love of God is truth.

They say, “God is love, and love is God,” but people don’t understand what does that mean!

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