Tag: Joy

What A Wonderful Life

Do you dream sometimes what the world could be if there were no wars, no hunger, no hatred, no greed, nor starvation anywhere? If we could live in peace and harmony with each other and enjoy the beauty and richness of life together? Today…

The Magnetism Within

Did you ever wonder how it is possible that the earth is moving through space with a speed of 66,660 miles per hour and a rotational speed on the outer axis of about  1000 miles/per hour and we are not thrown off?  Now we…

How Can We Make Joyful The New Normal?

A Happy New Year to all of You! Holidays were great but now the Christmas tree is drying out, the wrapping paper is almost all thrown out and life is returning to so-called normal but how can we make ‘joyful’ the new normal? Because,…

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