The True Meaning of “Yoga”

“Yoga’s are meant for very, very few people. For very few people who live with a guru, in the jungles. You have to do six things simultaneously under the guidance of an evolved soul.

But everybody is trying to do yoga because they want to slim down. God is not to be used for these frivolous things. All right, you do exercises. But this is not yoga.

Yoga means ‘union with God’. It is union with God. It is not union with the worldly things that you think so important.”

Shri Mataji, 1976-0319

Join our meditation classes and experience the true meaning of Yoga!

When you start feeling the deep connection that you have with the Divine the first sign is deep peace.

Then, eventually, you will start feeling cool vibrations (a cool breeze or wind) in your hands and over the head. This is the sign that your own Kundalini is manifesting and flowing through your system, nourishing, cleansing and healing.

With these vibrations you will be able to know for yourself what is good for you and what not. Whoever or whatever emits cool vibrations is in oneness with the whole. Therefore, when we start with Sahaja Yoga Meditation we feel a lot of warmth coming out of the head and hands because we have not lived in harmony with the Divine; not even in harmony with ourselves.

If we make it a daily practice to meditate and use the simple clearing techniques to heal our chakras everything in our life starts to fall into place. We do not need to make an effort to grow from the seed that has been planted through the Kundalini Awakening into a tree rich with fruits. We only have to water this seed by our daily meditation then the rest will happen by itself.

The more we find balance inside the more we start feeling the joy. Not the happiness that can turn into unhappiness at any time but the Joy that has no duality. That just is. For no reason. Pure Joy.

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