The Message of Christ’s Resurrection

Throughout the ages people were sent into this world who were different than the rest. They were different in the way that matter had no hold over them. And they talked of something higher. Of the soul. Of the spirit.

They did not only talk about it but they showed throughout their life that if we could attain a state where we identify with our spirit and not with our material being we would be able to even perform miracles.

Their whole life was an example and a spiritual message so that mankind could reach a higher awareness where ultimately we would be able to rise above matter and become our higher Self, our Spirit.

“The Spirit that is Christ has to resurrect out of the material manifestation of the Divine Itself. The matter is manifested because we ourselves have created it. Not that we are born out of matter, our body, but we are attached to it, we want it, we want to have it. Whatever you want, that sustains itself, by your desire, because now you are on the stage. If you want to sustain the matter, if you want to keep the matter as the first priority, it will remain. It cannot disappear. It has to go out of your mind that matter cannot hold you any further.

Christ rose out of the matter, came out of the tomb which symbolizes the matter which has enclosed us within, which has to be opened out with our spiritual power.

Throw away, throw away the stone that is covering this grave. Get out of that and stand outside it. This is the message of Christ’s resurrection.”

Shri Mataji, 1985-0408

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