Jesus Christ Showed Us How to Forgive

Jesus Christ was the greatest example of all history to show us how to forgive. He who had nothing but love and forgiveness, who went all over the places to talk to people about love, to lift them up and to heal them – when he was answered with anger and aggression and was even tortured and crucified, he still had nothing but love and forgiveness.

Nowadays we see anger and aggression on the rise everywhere. Maybe this is a good time to remember Him. To be inspired by this amazing personality. To follow such a bright light of love and compassion. How much can we forgive? How much can we follow this ideal man? At the end, what will happen to us if we forgive? Forgiveness brings deep peace.

Because once you forgive them, you don’t remember what they have done to you, and you never torture yourself. But if you don’t forgive, then you torture yourself thinking, “Why did he do this? Why did she do this?” Nothing – you just forgive. The very great present of Jesus was that you should forgive everyone. That gives you a great peace here.

Shri Mataji, 2000-0928

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