What Is the Experience of the Second Birth? And how is it connected with the Pentecost?

Have you ever wondered about the story of the Pentecost which we are celebrating this weekend and where the followers of Jesus Christ were filled with the Holy Ghost? Why is the Holy Ghost always described as a “strong wind”, “the wind that comes and goes as it wills”?

“Put your hand on the forehead”, my brother said. “Here we say: I forgive everyone and I forgive myself.”

I had seen a photo of Shri Mataji at his place a few days ago and immediately felt a strong pull in my heart. Something in me was drawn so strongly to this photo that I asked my brother if Shri Mataji was someone like Jesus. I have loved Jesus from childhood on and knew every story about him. My mother always wondered from where I had this because she was not religious at all.

And now we were sitting in the meditation-room of the ashram where he used to go to the weekly programs. It was a silent oasis in the middle of the busy city of Vienna. The air was full of the sweet fragrance of an incense while I followed the guided meditation that would awaken my Kundalini, an inner sacred energy that connects us with the Divine. I had longed for something like this for most of my life and was filled with joy and anticipation.

“Now we put the hand on top of the head. Here we ask: Please give me my self-realization.” I followed diligently. Everything around me was deep peace.

“Now lift your hand over your head and feel the gentle cool breeze over there.”

I felt the coolness. I held the hand away from my head. Nothing. Again over the head: cool. It was faint but it was there. And I knew in that moment that I had found what I had been searching for all my life.

“Now hold out your hands and ask: Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this Param Chaitanya?”

Coolness like a cool wind flowed into my hands.

On that day a new life began for me. A life with a new awareness that started to manifest in me through my awakened Kundalini. Meditation, introspection, clearing and growing to become a deeper and better person became a part of my journey.

It happened a few years later in one night when I came home late from airport duty. I sat in the living room, not yet tired. It was about four o’clock in the morning. For no reason at all I was filled with an intense joy. I felt such a deep gratitude for having found Sahaja Yoga; for all the miracles I had experienced by then; for all the knowledge and aha-moments of new and profound realizations; for being aware of this deep relationship between me and God that comes with Kundalini Awakening. Suddenly I felt my hands becoming cooler and cooler. Something seemed to melt inside my head and take away all tensions I did not know I had. And then there was water all around me and within me – it was rising from the end of my spine inside and around me, up and up and everything on its way melted into this water. In my head it concentrated below the fontanelle bone and came out from there like a huge spring that went high into the air and fell back over my body.

This was such an unexpected happening that I was sitting there, stunned and taken away. I could not believe that I was feeling water inside of me and all around me! It felt like real, cool water. I touched my skin several times and was astonished every time that it was dry while I felt the wetness of the water flowing over it.

In that moment I knew I could have healed anyone from anything. Whatever problems had been there in me were washed away. If there was any sickness it had not a chance to stay. While it might sound like a frightening experience to some it was the most beautiful experience I ever had. It was of a deep healing, a deep comfort, a deep love, so many things at once that cannot be expressed in words.

This was the water of life, the Divine water by which I received the true baptism which can only be given by the Divine.

Did you know that “Fontanelle Bone” means “little fountain”? Isn’t it amazing that this name has been given? And did you know that the “Sacrum” at the end of the spine is the place of the sacred energy that is know in the Indian scriptures as Kundalini but just another word for the Holy Ghost that resides inside of us? And do you know the story of the Pentecost where the followers of Christ felt the “strong wind upon their heads” when the Holy Ghost came to them? Which is the first thing you start feeling when your Kundalini is awakened…

To have our second birth is our birth right. And everyone who is desiring for it can have it. You do not need to follow a specific religion for it. You do not need to believe in anything. And most importantly – you cannot pay for it! It is free! It is your right to have it! You only need to desire for your own true Self. By knowing your own True and Sacred Self you will start knowing the Divine.

written by Angi

I shared my experience because through it I have learned that many things of which we read about in all the scriptures and regard as “just symbolic” are actually real. The water of life is real. The cool breeze above your head indicating your connection with the Divine is real. The seven lights within us are real. And in the same way like the blood is red in every human being independent of their culture and race, this Divinity within us is the same in all of us, independent of our religion or beliefs or disbeliefs.

There is no requirement to get it other than your own honest desire for it.

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