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The Journey Within – Part 1: Emotional Balance

This is the topic  we discussed at the program in Manchester on 1st May First we gave an introduction to what Sahaja Yoga is. The topic of the day was about Emotions: Why do we have emotions How are they connected to our physical… Continue Reading “The Journey Within – Part 1: Emotional Balance”

The 6th Step: Balance

In perfect balance we have from everything equally. Moving out to gain more of one side will always result in having less on the other. We experience complete balance when our emotions and desires (shown in the figure as the blue channel) work in… Continue Reading “The 6th Step: Balance”

When Curing Becomes A Side-Effect…

Dear All, Today I would like to share a documentary (30 minutes long) of the early 1990s that dives deep into the effects of Sahaja Meditation on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Here are some of the key topics: Carl G. Jung… Continue Reading “When Curing Becomes A Side-Effect…”

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