Know Thyself

There is one thing in life which is the same in most people – we want to find out more about ourselves. Who has not reflected once in a while on questions like: What am I doing here? Who am I? How can I improve myself?

For sure, we learn always something new about ourselves each day, but many people have experienced the same frustration when there comes a point which seems to be almost impossible to cross. To mention a few: why am I feeling so stressed all the time? Why can I not overcome my depressions/ anxieties / anger…? Why do I always end up in the same kind of relationships? … I guess every one of us can add some more of these questions.

Many have expressed a feeling of standing in front of a locked door, knowing that behind the door there is a part of us that wants to be reached. But where is the key?

The key is the awakening of the Inner Energy, the magic in us that can work miracles if one knows how to use it. The first things we experience are:

  • Vibrations flowing in our hands and over the head, feeling like a cool wind
  • Feeling the state of our energy-centers in our hands
  • Personal growth by working on our energy-centers

Our subtle body (consisting of  3 channels and 7 energy-centers) is the set-up of our personality. Feeling the state of this subtle body gives us a pretty good idea about ourselves and where our problems come from.
Using various techniques it becomes very easy to remove blocks in the subtle body and strengthen various aspects of our personality, thus finding inner balance and enjoy our personal growth that comes without much effort.
All it needs is to meditate regularly and allow your Inner Energy to work for you.

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