The Awakening of The Inner Energy

In previous times only very few could obtain the awakening of the Inner Energy (Kundalini). Basically all the 3 channels and 7 energy centers had to be completely purified so that the Inner Energy could rise. This meant going through rigorous exercises, giving up all worldly things and retreat into monasteries, temples or to remote places where one could concentrate on a life of purification and contemplation, mostly under the guidance of a very strict master.

One can easily see why this concept did not work for the masses.

” There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within.”

Shri Mataji dedicated her whole life to find a way how to awaken this energy in everyone. She knew if the Kundalini was awakened people would  find their inner self, thus becoming peace-giving and joyful.

Shri Mataji had the vision of a society where people would live in harmony with each other, a society based on compassion and generosity,  seeing the beauty inside oneself and the other, and so become capable to embrace life fully and enjoy it in its purest form.

In 1970 she found a way to awaken the Inner Energy in people leading a normal social life. Through her spiritual insight she could reverse the whole process. Within the new process the Inner Energy partly rises (at the most one or two threads of thousands) and then starts clearing the energy centers.

Regular meditations support the energy to remove all problems from our energy centers. This again allows the energy centers to open up more and allow more threads of this Inner Energy to pass through. The more of our Inner Energy can rise the healthier we become, physically, mentally and emotionally.

As soon as the Inner Energy is awakened in people, they can immediately awaken this energy in others. Shri Mataji referred to it as ‘one enlightened candle can pass on the light to others’.

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