Can Books Give Us Spirituality?

It is said that the Bible is the best-selling, most printed and most translated book of all times. Besides it, there are numerous books nowadays, trying to describe spirituality from every possible angle. But by reading them, including the Holy Scriptures of different religions, have we really been  transformed into spiritual beings?

It is one thing to try to follow an idealism, be it a religion or any kind of believe. But is ‘to follow it’ the real becoming? Do we really know our own inner being, this eternal, ever-lasting spirit in us? Do we have the experience of being connected to the all-pervading power?

Shri Mataji said: “I cannot just give you a book by which you sit and read and say, ‘Yes, I know the self. I have got it, I have become.’ To know Thyself does not come from rituals or reading books; it has to be experienced on your central nervous system. It’s a real becoming, ripening, maturing, and living process. No doubt the books give a description of a person with self-knowledge – how he behaves, how his style is, but none of them explain how you become that. Perhaps most of them didn’t know about Kundalini. So it came to my lot.”

To me – personally – it was astonishing how simple the answer was: the key to experience lays in our central nervous system.

We ‘see’ colors, but how would we describe them to a person who was born blind? We ‘hear’, we ‘feel’, we ‘smell’, we ‘taste’ – therefore we know. Therefore we are able to act.
In the same way we have to experience spirituality on our central nervous system.

The key to this experience is the awakening of the inner energy (in Sanskrit called as Kundalini), and already here a lot of confusion can occur. There is a big difference between the electromagnetic fields of the body, the auras, the energy centers, the energy surrounding us in nature and the inner energy.

What differentiates the inner energy to others is that it is a living energy; one may say it is a part of the life force itself that works in its own ways, without our interference. In a dormant state it is the power that ‘keeps our body together’, the essence that aligns all body-functions in us, and provides the necessary energy for our living.
When awakened it starts rising along our spine and enlightening our central nervous system. That is the moment when a new awareness starts manifesting in us, like a new sense.

Here is what you will feel when your inner energy is awakened:

  • a cool breeze in your hands and over your head (which – specially at the beginning – can be also warm, an indication of clearing)
  • different sensations in your fingertips and parts of the hands which indicate the state of your energy centers
  • a clear change of these sensations in your hands when you start working on your energy centers

Each energy-center represents a part of our personality and it becomes very easy to figure out where we are strong and where we need to improve.

There is nothing more beautiful than to experience once own inner richness, and the knowledge to have powerful allies – the Kundalini (the inner energy) as well as the all-pervading power around us that is only too eager to support us, fill us with all needed energy, and help us in every possible way on our journey through life.

It is a big difference, if I read in a book about the taste of the juiciest and sweetest red apple, or to bite into it myself. And I am sure you will all agree with me that, only when I have taken this bite myself can I really understand what the book tried to tell me.

So here is the invitation to ‘bite into it’, start feeling your own inner energy, and then keep it up by meditating – 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening, and you may be surprised how much you will find in it for yourself.

I wish you a wonderful week full with the taste of your own spirit!

Yours, Angi

A 10-Minutes-Meditation for Inner Balance

  1. Awaken your Inner Energy (if you have not done it before):
    Here is a guided meditation (approx. 10 Min.) to awaken your Inner Energy by the founder of Sahaja Meditation, Shri Mataji.  If you went through it already skip step 1). When your Inner Energy is activated it will stay so, there is no need to repeat the affirmations (although you can do so if you like).
  2. At the beginning and the end of each meditation we do what we call “raising the energy” and give ourselves “a shield of protection”.
    Here is a nice animation how to do it: charlie.swf
    You can also find a detailed description in our Meditation Tips on page 4 and 5: Meditation Tips
  3. The following guided meditation is about 10 minutes long. Please keep your eyes open (at least for the first time) as the instructions are in written form.

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