Places To Meditate


Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is an easy to learn technique where you can get in touch with your inner energy, the Kundalini. Once you are connected with this sacred energy inside and the Divine power around you it has a whole variety of positive impacts on you and your life including dealing better with stress by establishing mental silence, getting rid of any depressive feelings or anxiety, finding a healthy work/life balance, reducing health problems and much more.  If you’d like to try it right away online, there is a great online course available. To get the full experience of meditating in a group, you can join our mediation classes in the Tristate Area of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

If your are in another state you may find a meditation class near you here: Locations for Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes

There are also Live Online Meditations on facebook and Youtube. If you cannot join on-line you can watch the meditations in the archive.

The Meditation Classes are always free.

Here is an Australian news report about the effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation:



8 Comments on “Places To Meditate

  1. Will you be rescheduling/changing the location of the Manchester classes?

      • Thanks. I went to the library tonight and they said group didn’t reserve the room for 2014. Is there a meditation group that meets in the Hartford area?

      • Hi Jim, the library does not allow us to book the room for the whole year in advance. We can only do that on a weekly/monthly basis. Unfortunately yesterday it happened that they gave the room already to someone else so the meeting was cancelled. We usually send the info to our Meetup- and e-mail Group. I am sorry that you went there yesterday when the meeting did not happen but it also made me aware that I should always put these info on this blog as well which I will do from now on. Next meeting should be as usual on Tuesday in the library. Sorry again and hope to see you in one of our meditation meetings! all the best, Angi

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