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One Human Family

Who can watch events unfolding in our country and remain unaffected? It is heartbreaking to see. We are One human family.
Let’s meditate as ONE.
Join our daily online meditations. Share it with as many as you can.

Meet Us at Earth Day 50 in NYC!

“We are not something separate. This Mother Earth is our home – we have a home in her and she has a home within ourselves.” Shri Mataji Look out for us! Where: Manhattan at Union Square/14th Street When: Tuesday, April 23rd from 12:00 – 6:30 http://www.earthdayinitiative.org/2019-events… Continue Reading “Meet Us at Earth Day 50 in NYC!”

The Water-Drop Stories

“As I told you, the drop becomes the ocean; and the drop has to become the ocean by dissolving all its ‘dropness’ with other drops. And all the drops dropping their dropness become the ocean ultimately. “ ∼ Shri Mataji, 08/06/1982 The Water-Drop Stories by Werner Steindl (translated from German into English) The Master (to his… Continue Reading “The Water-Drop Stories”

The Totality that Is Love

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Nov 8, 1980 We have within us a being which I call ‘the Spirit’: the Spirit which is also the part and parcel of the totality that is love, totality that is God, totality that is joy, totality that is… Continue Reading “The Totality that Is Love”

To All The Mothers

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