The Universal Being That You Are

1421_467059500054287_217527360_n”Everything is fleeting that is not eternal.
In the present the eternal stays, the rest drops out.

It’s like a moving river that does not stop anywhere, but the moving river is eternal, the rest of the things are all changing.

If you are on the eternal principle all that is not eternal changes and drops out, dissolves, and becomes non-existent.

You have to enjoy the strength of eternity, the strength of divine love, the strength of this universal being that you are.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Delhi. 30.3.76

Love Understands

“Love has its own qualities and one of the qualities is that love understands.

Its understanding is not in words, not in thought, but it understands within. It can feel within, which is very important. 
This is the most important part one has to realise: that love, you can only feel it. You cannot talk about it. You cannot show about it. But it is within and you can feel it …”

~ Shri Mataji, Italy 2004

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