The Meaning of Sahaja Yoga and a Real Guru And Why You Cannot Pay For The Real Spiritual Experience and Knowledge

Sahaja means “born with you”. Saha Ja. Saha means “with”. Ja means “born”. It is born with you that you should get this yoga, the union with the Divine, with this power that is all pervading.

This right to get it is born with every human being and you have to have it and for that it is said that you have to go to a master but master who is a Sat Guru, who is a real master.

Reality doesn’t mean how he dresses up, doesn’t mean what he does in life, it doesn’t mean how he earns his living but real personality is that which makes you meet the Divine Power.

He’s not interested in your purse. He’s not interested in your wife or husband. He’s not interested in all these things.

His interest is only one that you should get your fundamental right established of this union. For that He works.

“How can you pay Him for this?” is a simple question we cannot understand. We think we can pay for everything. This is our ego to think that you can pay for everything.

So many things you have, can you pay for them? Can you pay for love? You cannot. Can you pay for being born in England? You take it for granted. We take for granted so many things that God has given us. How much you have paid to be a human being?

You have paid nothing but it is difficult for human beings now to understand that there is something for which you can never pay.

Shri Mataji, 1984-04-10

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