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Matter Divides. Love Unites

When we are not going to be dominated by matter then we can feel the love.

What Is The Meaning of My Life?

“What is the meaning of my life?”, is a question that almost every human being has asked at least once in life. But why is “finding our meaning” so important for us?

The Absolute Is Within All of Us

“We have to become absolute, otherwise what’s the meaning of creating us and making us human beings. And that absolute has to be somewhere within us as described by all the scriptures. So it must relate to all the scriptures.” – Shri Mataji

Collective Consciousness: When a Drop Becomes the Ocean

When the drop becomes one with the ocean it becomes one with the collective consciousness.

One Human Family

Who can watch events unfolding in our country and remain unaffected? It is heartbreaking to see. We are One human family.
Let’s meditate as ONE.
Join our daily online meditations. Share it with as many as you can.

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