The Absolute Is Within All of Us

“We have to become absolute, otherwise what’s the meaning of creating us and making us human beings. And that absolute has to be somewhere within us as described by all the scriptures. So it must relate to all the scriptures.”

Shri Mataji, 1983-0920

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1983-0920 Public Program, Day 1, Houston, USA

I bow to all the seekers of truth. What Dr. Brown has told you is true: that the time has come and that the nature itself gives you quite a lot of blessings to understand, that the time has come for you to be something more than what you are, a special blossom time where you find so many people in this world who are seeking the truth. Never in history you have so many people who are seeking the truth. Why is it in these modern times there are so many people all over the world who are seeking God?

A great poet, William Blake, who lived about a hundred years back in England, had already predicted that the men of God, meaning the seekers, will be born on this Earth and they will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. This is his prophecy. This prophecy is very deep and to understand it you have to know that this great time when so many people who are men of God, because they are seeking the truth, they are seeking something beyond, they are not satisfied with what they had achieved and they have to become prophets.

One can’t believe that you can just become a prophet overnight. But I say in just a split of a second you can become. One may say it’s too fantastic, how can you be? We don’t believe ourselves. We have no faith in ourselves. So we have to know that we are conceived with such difficulty, with such care and love to be a human being. How did we become human beings? What did you do to become a human being?

In the same way that we are human beings and we are in a relative world, we don’t know what is right, what is wrong. We have to become absolute, otherwise what’s the meaning of creating us and making us human beings. And that absolute has to be somewhere within us as described by all the scriptures. So it must relate to all the scriptures. You cannot just have some sort of a neo-business that they have started in the last sixty years. You find all kinds of people coming up and giving new ideas. It has to be built up in the same way traditionally as the tree of life has been built. And that tree of life resides within you. That is there.

Of course one must know as you cannot put in any effort for it, you cannot pay for it. This is something people can’t understand. When I first came to America, they said, “Mother, you are not going to be successful here. You have to ask for money otherwise nobody is going to come. Because if they cannot pay for anything they don’t think it is of any value.” I said, “It is invaluable. How can you pay for it? How much do you pay for sprouting a seed? You just have to place it in the Mother Earth and it sprouts. What do you say that you have to pay money for God? Does He understand money? He doesn’t. It’s your headache. He doesn’t understand money. You cannot purchase Him. You cannot organise Him. It is within you. You have to be awakened so that you can feel His existence within you and you can enjoy the blessings of His being.” 

But suddenly this new phase has started, especially in America, because it pampers the ego of people that you can purchase God, that you can pay for it. It’s just ego-oriented. It is nothing more than that. You have to be humble to know that in this world when we breathe this fresh air, it is given to us free. The sun that shines is given to us free. This Mother Earth is given to us, everything is free to us. So why not also the blessings of God should be free to us, and has to be.

Today, it’s an anxious time because the creation that He has created is about to be destroyed by the stupidity of human beings. You can see the [UNCLEAR] apart from the nature, I don’t think the destruction is going to come from without but is going to come from within. If it has to work out, it has to work out from within and not from without. Try anything. Try any one of your enterprises. Try your political, economic and social styles of corrections, it’s not going to work. The biggest mistake of all the religious people was that they tried to socialise it, they tried to organise it, they created dogmas out of the mental projections about everything. They have also concepts about God, about Christ, about the Mother Earth. It’s all concepts and concepts and concepts – all imagination. It has no meaning. It is absolutely absurd to believe into these and go on for ages together and go on for generations together like this, ultimately finding out that you haven’t found anything.

In this country we have many religions which are doing this kind of thing. In every country we have such so-called religions. These religions, I don’t know how far they have got to do with the truth. The truth resides within you and the religion also resides within you. The religion is the one that resides in you as your valency, and the sustenance and is within you. You see here the green part as I show, is what we call as the Void, not the void of sin but the Void in human beings. This is the place where you have to cross over. And that’s the place is to be bridged by religion in the sense that you have to have a connection. There’s nothing to feel bad if somebody says that you have to have a balance. Anything that has to ascend must have balance.

The other day I was coming here and they said there’s something imbalanced in the plane so it cannot take off. It’s true, if there is an imbalance within us we cannot take off. All those religions, so called, take to extremes, to fanaticism, which creates complete imbalance. Today we can see in the middle east, all over the place, there’s funny sort of problem going on which can be solved in no time. Because they have no balance they have created this kind of imbalanced life, imbalanced dogmatic fanaticism which is so all-pervading. That’s impossible. I don’t understand how these people are going to realize that they are building up destruction of themselves and everyone else.

Now as within us lies the power to balance us, we have to understand that this power was given to us long time ago. When Moses and Abraham came on this Earth they gave us the Commandments. Of course if you read the book of Essenes you will find out that the Commandments that were given were doggerel [UNCLEAR], wasted. The reason was, when Moses came down and he saw the people, how they were, he was amazed because the people were extremely licentious, very permissive. And they didn’t care at all. They didn’t know what God was, and they were saying, “What’s wrong.” “What’s wrong with this and what’s wrong with that.” That kind of a society, when he found it, he had to make it a very strict law, and that’s how, as the muslims call it, the Shariat part, was established by him.

This Shariat surprisingly is more followed by the muslims than by the Jews. Actually it was meant for the Jews to be followed all over the world so that they keep the balance, strict balance. Now we can say one thing in creating. Supposing you are creating a machinery or, say, an aeroplane if you are building up. The first one that you make you take special care to see that it is nicely fitted. It has to be nicely fitted so that there is not any problem because it is the first experiment. So they tried to make very strict laws as to keep human beings in their balance and by that they could manage the ascent better. But if you tell a human being something [UNCLEAR] that’s human nature somehow or other to get against what I said don’t do. You tell a child don’t go there, then he’ll definitely go there to find out. The innate curiosity, or innate idea of defiance always has taken human beings in that fashion. Like that we have been always trying to avoid the issue, keeping our eyes shut, and we started doing things which we should never have done. When I first went to London about ten years back and started talking about imbalances we have in life, they branded me as a Victorian woman. They said we have our freedom, now she has come to take away our freedom. I warned them a day will be coming when you’ll have such diseases that you cannot cure. You won’t be able to manage that anymore, so be careful.

Now this morning I came to many people and some of the priests, to my surprise, came over to say that you shouldn’t preach like this to people that they have lead a life of imbalance, can you imagine? Such things are happening in the name of God that they are trying to compromise with people to say that you shouldn’t teach them to have balance. Like the (Arch) bishop of Canterbury, who is supposed to be a great personality, who was asked on the television, “What is the Holy Ghost?” “Who is Holy Ghost?” “Do you believe in Holy Ghost?” He said, “I am agnostic, I don’t believe in anything, that means nothing.” So they said, “What are you doing here?” “He said, “I am doing a job.”

What job is he doing there under the nose of God? What kind of a job is he doing if he is agnostic? I can’t understand, I can’t explain it, but he is doing the job. All right, that is managing the show, must be having a building, all other things that they are doing. Is this the job of God? Is this His work? Is it that God has told them to collect money and build big buildings and big places?

Every human being is a temple of God and that temple is to be enlightened. That is lost now, not in one religion, or in any particular one but all of them have lost sight of what they have to be, though it was written in the earliest days, all of them, that you have to become the Spirit. Unless and until you become the Spirit you are not connected with God. It’s so simple. Some common sense can tell you that, if I am not connected to the mains, what’s the use of my doing anything because it doesn’t work?

If this bulb is not connected to the mains it will not give the light. You are all ready, you are all there, but you are to be connected to the mains. If you are not connected to the mains you will not give the light. You do not fulfill your purpose. You do not know the absolute. That’s a fact. Now if you understand this that you have to become the Self, we can go to the other side of it, that how do we become the Self? What do we do to become the Self? What are we supposed to do to become the Self.

As Kabira has already told you and warned you that we have to keep the balances, we have to avoid the extremes and we have done all these mistakes. I say forget it, forget it, because if you just start being in the present, just don’t worry what you have done, what mistakes you have committed because that’s also another problem. When one wants to have self-realization, people start feeling guilty, just like criminals. You can’t give realization to criminals. So don’t think you have done any crime whatsoever so far. At this present moment you have to forget it completely, whatever is done, finished, that doesn’t exist. The past doesn’t exist at all.
The other day, I had a meeting with some Jungians. All of  them were there and the way they had ideas about how to achieve Godliness or saintliness, I was really amazed. The thing they said was that we have to reach to the unconscious and to go to the unconscious we have to pass through the subconscious. I said, “Who has told you this story? How can that be? If you have to go to the unconscious you need not go to the subconscious because according to your definition of unconscious, even the subconscious is unconscious. Whatever is not unconscious, all your central nervous system is unconscious. It’s a mixed bag. It’s absolutely a mixed bag. For example there are some birds who can hear some frequencies of sounds which we cannot hear. We can hear certain frequencies which they cannot. So that whatever we do not do is unconscious. And do you mean to say that all that is unconscious is God? It is not.”
Now we must understand that God is the greatest organiser. He has the most efficient televisions and the most efficient telecommunications. Once you enter into His kingdom you will be amazed how He is powerful, brilliant and efficient. Now any efficient organiser who has to organise, say, a place like a station or in a boat – what does he do? He keeps the road free for the movement of people, isn’t it? Or does he put all the luggage and everything in the center and people have to push all the luggage and get out? So the biggest mistake these intellectuals have done has harmed. I think the concept of intellectuals, as well as other people, that we are placed in layers and the subconscious, then we have got unconscious, which can be conscious, and then permanent unconscious on top of the subconscious they have placed the conscious mind and then the ego. I just couldn’t understand how they thought God to be such a hodgepodge organiser that he would put you in such a mess. Here you see it very clearly, actually, that it is placed vertically. Everything is placed within us vertically.

Try to understand how God has (UNCLEAR). You need not accept me because I am saying so. It’s a hypothesis for you. Just keep your mind open to see how we are placed here. On the left-hand side you see a blue line going up. This is a subtle channel which manifests outside the left sympathetic nervous system. But inside it looks after our past, so it creates our subconscious. So it creates the present subconscious, then the past subconscious and the collective subconscious. So you have got a collective subconscious on the left-hand side.

On the right-hand side you have the area along this yellow line is the second channel which is responsible for our future. When we live in our future too much, or think of the future, this subtle channel, which manifests the right sympathetic nervous system, goes into action and you create an area on top, as you see here, the yellow one, the area created called as ego. So when you go into action, physical and mental action, you create an area which is called as ego on top of your head. And the left side one creates an area on top of your head as you see is the superego. Means all the conditioning about which Freud has spoken. On the right hand side you have all the supraconscious area, means the futuristic idea area that you create or which exists, and beyond that exists all the collective supraconscious. Now in this collective supraconscious area exists all those who are ego oriented, futuristic people. They (UNCLEAR). On the left hand side all the people who have not ego but superego – in the sense that those who take the conditionings of others, who lead a sly life, and who are always suppressed people – live on the left hand side. So we have two types of areas. One is the subconscious, collective subconscious and the right side is the supraconscious.
Now we have another unconscious, unconscious down below – is the hell, is the collective hell where ultimately people who will be anti-God will be stationed, and will live even when on this earth they’ll exist in that consciousness. These are the people who take money in the name of God, go further with it, they try to do black magic, they try to ruin others and hypnotize others and taking advantage of them. All such people exist in that consciousness of hell. They are sure to go to hell, and those who follow them will also go to hell, no doubt about it. So that’s another unconscious one.
We are talking here about the superunconsciousness that is on top of your head. This had to become superconsciousness, means at that point you become your own master. So far you are not. It’s like in a motor car – we have a brake and an accelerator. So we’ve got two sides. The left side we can call as the brake and the right side we can call as the accelerator. First we get into the car and start learning how to balance these two. Once we have achieved how to balance these two, then we become balanced and we become a driver, an automatic driver. We don’t have to then think, we just do it without thinking. But still the master is sitting on the back seat and he is watching you. You are driving the master. So the Spirit that is in the Heart resides there, is watching you. He is the witness of what you are doing. Later on when you get your ascent and you become the Spirit, you become the master. Then as the master you see the driver within you and you see these two forces of accelerator and brake, and you are the master. Nothing can hurt you. That’s how we become the master. I’ve seen, overnight, people drop out all their habits of drugs, all these things drop out in no time. People sometimes are surprised when I tell them this happens. There are many who drop out like that. Some, of course, linger on for some time. They are deep people, but many of them drop out their habits like that.
The other day when I went on the TV there was a gentleman who had come as a policeman and he was telling about the bad effects of the drugs, what happens to human beings and how the drugs are so popular and how they are becoming even worse. I said, “If I talk to him about
 Sahaja Yoga he won’t listen.” It’s the easiest thing to get rid of all this police force and save all that money if they could take to this because once the Spirit is awakened within you, you become just a master. Nothing can touch you. No habit can enslave you and you just become the master. It’s such a simple thing.

People think how can it be so simple because if you have to think about everything, even say about your breathing, if you have to go to a book stall, get a book and read about breathing, you won’t exist. Everything is so simple in life. All that is vital is so simple. You are seeing me without thinking, without reading a book, you are just seeing. It is placed within you, you have eyes with which you can see. In the same way, all this is built in. It has just to be started. Like in a village of India where people have not seen a television, if you take a television box to them and show them and say that now you can see lots of things happening inside this and you can also see a play or you may see somebody singing here, they’ll say, “What are you telling? This is just a box. How can that be?” In the same way we think this human body is just a box to be rattling about and to be ruined, but it is not. It is a beautiful thing that God has created and once you put it to the plug, then you are surprised at what a fantastic thing this simple looking thing like a human being can do and how we become so great.
So this is what happens when this Kundalini, which is placed in the triangular bone, ascends. She goes through six centers, not the seventh one. The seventh one is down below. All these six centers represent a very subtle thing, energy centers which are giving energy to us. Now when we start exhausting our energy on any center the diseases are caused. By the sympathetic activity, by any extreme behavior, then the diseases are caused. So when the Kundalini rises through these centers She nourishes them, because the first quality of the Kundalini is that She is the nourisher. She is the womb. She represents the womb in the gross. So it is the Mother Earth, or you can call it the Aquarius – this is the age of the Aquarius, the age of the Kundalini. So the Kundalini rises and She nourishes all these centers and that’s how. As it is said, it’s true: cancer can only be cured through Sahaja Yoga. There’s no other way out.
The other day when I was coming, suddenly I met a gentleman from India who is a very big industrialist, you call it a tycoon or something, who had angina and he was supposed to come to Ulster for his operation, and suddenly he met me in one of the rotary meetings and then he came to me and he asked me if I could do something about it. I said all right, let me see. Then he came to see me in Pune and in ten minutes he was cured. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he couldn’t believe that he was cured. I said, “All right, I have to now go back so you please go and see your doctor and the doctors couldn’t believe their eyes, too. They said, “How can that be? This is not your x-ray, these are not your reports, these belong to somebody else, that must be some mistake.” He said, “This is my report, this is what I’ve got.” So he went to another doctor and he showed him. He said, “You are perfectly all right and you don’t have to go anywhere. If you go to Houston they will all laugh at us that you are a normal man. Why should you go?”

So how it had happened, the Kundalini has risen, She has nourished his Heart, the Heart is absolutely relaxed, everything’s all right. That’s how your diseases get cured. I don’t do anything about it. You have got everything within you. You have got your Spirit within you. You have got your Kundalini within you. Only thing is I have to raise the Kundalini in the sense that I am like an enlightened candle and if an enlightened candle is taken closer to another candle it gets enlightened in no time. You can’t pay for it. You can’t do anything about it. You are destined to have it and you just get it like a shot. And it is there, you start manifesting it. Once you start manifesting it, only thing is you have to know what you are manifesting, what this power is within you, because for the first time you start feeling the all-pervading power which does all the living things. Like a flower becoming a fruit. Human beings can’t do it. Can they do it? There are billions and billions and millions and millions of these are becoming fruits. Who does that? That is done by this all-pervading power about which I’ll tell you, which you’ll feel for the first time when your Spirit comes into your attention and that is what has to happen to all of you and will happen. I’m sure you’re all going to get it.
But I have to tell you be careful about false people and filth. You should not be enamored by them because they are people who make money. They put money into the business and they can enamor you by they’re circuses and all those things. But those who are people of truth should come to the truth and not to the false because it lies within you for which you cannot pay. You cannot purchase it. Try, you cannot. You cannot organise me. I’m a free bird. I’m absolutely free. I can live on the street, I can live in a palace. It makes no difference to me. To me money has no value. I don’t understand why should anybody take any money from me. It’s not correct respect. How can you make money in the name of God. I just can’t understand. They say we have to make the meeting. All right, let them make the meeting. Why should the guru take the money? Why should He take advantage of you? Why should He live on their money?
It was a little bit in the beginning, they said that a guru can get a dakshina. Means if a guru is teaching you, he is travelling, or he is sort of staying with you in the ashrams then you, then you can give him the food as a dakshina. Not that he buys Rolls Royces nor that he buys huge, big aeroplane. This is absolutely befooling you and I don’t know how you people are so naive. He is such kind of a thing and even the television people are showing you all these things that you should not go to false people. But you’ll be amazed here they have only so many people of  [UNCLEAR], let one of them come here, you’ll be amazed that there won’t be any seat left and all that show up to the doors can’t come in. That means there’s something lacking in human beings that they go in for something that is false, that is artificial. They don’t want reality and when they suffer, then they suffer so much because these people can bring you epilepsy. They give all kinds of diseases. I have seen they give all kinds of diseases, even cancer, all kinds of diseases that they develop within you and when you get that, then you will come to Sahaja Yoga, as a person who is absolutely finished, exhausted. Is this the way to understand? We must open our eyes to the fact that God is beyond all these things. If you have to take His place and to become that, then you have to know that it is the becoming that is important. It’s not a lecture or a mental projection, but it’s an actualization of the experience that is important. If you don’t get it, what is it? If I say [UNCLEAR] don’t believe me. What’s the use? If you don’t get anything out of me, what’s the use? As far as I’m concerned, I am all right. [UNCLEAR]

So for today this is an introduction to Sahaja Yoga. As I told you, Saha means with and Ja means born. It is born within you, it is spontaneous. As you have become a human being from amoeba, you have to become a higher personality. Of course I’ve seen how people have problems on their blocked chakras. Then one has to work out a little bit, moving with your right hand, which is the power of action and the left hand, which is the power of desire and it works out. You yourself can raise your own Kundalini. You yourself can manage your centers. You yourself can cure yourself. You don’t have to go to anyone. You don’t have to bother anyone. There have been prophecies and prophecies about it. 14,000 years back there was a prophecy about it that this was going to happen. Many faith healers have come out with their ideas that they can befool you very nicely. But if you want to be befooled then go ahead. It’s not only befooling but it cannot reflect on you. [UNCLEAR]

I would like to have questions from you. If you have any questions please ask me. But don’t be aggressive with me; there is no need to be aggressive.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the centers which are within us, and also about the ascent of the Kundalini, what is Kundalini, who is She and what does She represent in us.

Seeker: Do you have an explanation about the hands and how they correspond with the centers?

Shri Mataji: The finger tips on the left-hand side represent the left side, the emotional side of human beings, and the right-hand side represents the mental and physical side. On each hand there are 7 centers. Whatever center is catching or if there is any heaviness on a center you can feel it on your fingertips. Even the little girl who was here, she was telling me I’m burning here. That means you start feeling it, the burning that’s on your fingertips. But you must know what it means, which center it means.

This is the one for the Mooladhara, the lowest one you see there. This is the one which is responsible for your excretion, or you can say in medical terminology, which manifests the pelvic plexus.

This center here is the second center which actually is the third because somehow it is the second. This is the one is called as Swadistana center which goes round the yellow one but actually it comes out of the Nabhi which is the green one that you see, is the Navel center. The one that goes round is manifesting the aortic plexus while the Nabhi one, the Naval one, is called as the solar plexus. It manifests outside. It is our second center but it manifests outside not only the plexuses but also the ductless glands.

On top if you go is that center, is the Heart and the Heart center is represented here. Now we have two sides of the Heart, left and right. It’s important to keep because this represents the mother’s side and this represents the father’s side.

Then we have, above that, is the Vishuddhi. This is the most important one because America is the Vishuddhi Chakra of the Universe. This is the most important one and that is here (points to throat) and by smoking all Americans have spoiled it. That is the center we have here, the center of responsibility, the center where human beings have raised their heads. So Americans are responsible for spiritual growth of religion. This one is the Vishuddhi Chakra, here. After this, but don’t feel guilty if you have smoked. I find that people are feeling guilty. Don’t feel guilty. I’m going to cure you of all your guilt so just don’t feel guilty of anything. Whatever I say you should not do, you should never feel guilty about it. This is one promise to me you have to make, that, Mother, we are not going to feel guilty about whatever you have said. I have to say something after all, isn’t it? And in that you should not feel guilty and should not find any [UNCLEAR] feeling. That’s one thing I have to tell you.

After that comes this center…

Now again, this is too much. It’s just hitting me hard here. I can feel your guilt here for nothing at all. It’s a funny thing. What is there to feel guilty? I don’t understand. If you were guilty you would be in jail, you would not have been here. What have you done to feel guilty about small things. Here that I feel such a terrible pain. I came here, you all had this [UNCLEAR] and now I even became worse. I don’t know why you’re feeling even more guilty. [UNCLEAR]. Whatever it is, you have to behave nicely about it and not worry about your guilt.

Now that’s over and now we have the center here, the center that’s between the optic chiasma. It is in the brain. It controls the pituitary pineal called Agnya Chakra and it is governed by our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s the guilt, that’s the problem. We have that area called the limbic area which is the Omkara, the thousand petals lotus which opens out and when it opens out, then you find the Kundalini pulsating here and then you feel the cool breeze comes out and that’s how you know that you’ve touched it. You have the Sahasrara, which is called the Brahmarandra. That means the all-pervading power this Brahma. It is the subtle hole through which you enter into that subtle awareness of collective consciousness, of Brahma Shakti, of the power of the all-pervading power. That starts manifesting within you. That’s how you get connected to the whole.

This is how these centers are shown and now here – this is the Agnya Chakra here and this is the Sahasrara . All these centers means your father’s centers and these are your mother’s centers if you feel it This part is also the Void, the green part which is the principle of mastery or guru tatwa you can call it. If you’ve been to a wrong guru or if you have bent yourself before wrong people, you’ll catch. But if you think you are a great guru yourself, you will catch. These are expressed here and also you can feel them on your head. If you are bending before people who are wrong, fake and all that then you’ll catch on these five centers here. And if you are thinking you are a great guru yourself, you will catch here. In the center here is the power of the primordial being and the eleven of them you call as Ekadesha Rudra. These are the eleven powers of destruction which will come at the end, when the whole judgement is over and after the judgement is over. Then that power is going to come on the white horse, as they said, just to sort out the last of it.

So these are the main centers I’ve talked about. But you should know yourself. Even a child can feel it because this actualization you start feeling it.

Seeker: Earlier you were talking about how the cool breeze comes from the head. Can you feel it inside the head?

Shri Mataji: You don’t feel anything inside the head at all. What you feel is that when you are raising your Kundalini, sometimes, if there is a pressure, then you do feel, as we do, you can feel your own pressure because now you become a master of it. You can bring it yourself. But you do feel the pressure of it coming out but not the breeze like this. At least that sensitivity is you feel it here as it’s coming out.

If you feel the breeze, what’s so great? One may say so but it’s not that you only feel the breeze, but witness means you can cure it. With this breeze you can delicately look at it. When you put your hands with this breeze – of course you must first get a breeze in your hands otherwise it won’t work. You have to become a sahaja yogi in the sense that you become the master. Then if you place your hand at the back of the person at that point – if there is an obstruction, there is a pulsation action, very strong. Sometimes then it goes further. You can feel the pulsation going higher, higher and higher. Even with a stethoscope you can see it clearly. At the top of your head you can feel the pulsation, you can hear it very clearly with a stethoscope, even more clearly than on a heart. And then you feel the cool breeze coming out.

But this breeze that you feel, you feel outside on your hand. That’s it. But it’s nothing important, it’s not an important point. The important point is what is done, that it gives you power to know the absolute. For example if you are a realized soul and you can have hands like this, you can say whether the man is a fake guru or not. If he’s a fake guru you’ll get blisters on your hands. But if he is a real guru you’ll get tremendous cool breeze on your hands. If you want to know if there is God, put your hands like this and ask the question. If you get tremendous breeze, then it is there. It’s like you are a computer and the computer has started working to answer all your questions, for everything you can ask questions. Not only that but if you know how to handle it, this power in your hands, and you feel it nicely, then if you have it, a person if he hates you, you can make him like you because this is the power [UNCLEAR of love]. There are many things you can work out [UNCLEAR with your hands]. Tremendous things can happen to you.

Like the other day the people asked on the television about the story about Bedford. Now you tell them the story about Bedford. These things are about Spirit, I cannot explain. Only I can say that God has got a television which can be used. Tell them the story. It actually happened. It has a [UNCLEAR] in history.

Sahaja yogi: Last year we had a program outside London in a town called Bedford where Mother was speaking and while the program was going on, about 9:30 in the evening about a mile away there was a boy who had a motorcycle accident. He fell off his bike, he hurt his back –

Shri Mataji: From a bridge he fell down.

Sahaja yogi: – and before the ambulance came, he said that a big car came past. It stopped and an Indian lady got out, put her hand on his back on all the places where he was hurting. He felt better and he walked up. He went to a hospital and then was discharged. They said you are all right, there was just some bruising. He hadn’t seen Shir Mataji’s picture but the next day he saw her picture in the…

Shri Mataji: He told the people there, this man, he told the policeman and he told the hospital people about me.

Sahaja yogi: Oh yes, he said that this Indian lady had done the curing and that he thought there was something special about her.

Shri Mataji: Because nobody was not there.

Sahaja yogi: Then he saw a photograph of Mother advertising her program and he told his mother, “That’s the lady who stopped.” The newspapers heard about this Mother and they asked to telephone the people who organized the program and asked if it was Shri Mataji’s car that was driving at this such and such point and they said that no, she was still in her program giving realization. There were 600 people in the hall who knew that Mother had been actually in the hall. So there was something different with the explanation: how he had seen Mataji and got cured by her and yet she was doing something else.

Shri Mataji: Also you should mention my car, that’s the best part. The white Mercedes, he mentioned it.

Sahaja yogi: But in fact it was still outside the program.

Shri Mataji: And then they published in the newspaper.

Sahaja yogi; Yes, it was published and they also published a letter telling some interesting incidents that happened in India. This one high court prosecutor was a very well-established sahaja yogi and he had a case coming up on the list, it was a long way down the list and it was day that Mother was having a program of meditation. He said it probably will not come up today. I’ll go to Mother’s program and he went to it. When he went back the next Monday, they said, “Oh, you handled your case very well.” He said, “I came to find out when my case was coming up. How can it be that it’s been defended?”They said, “No, no, it’s been through and you won your case and the judge commented what a brilliant presentation you made.” So there has to be an explanation how these things happen,

Shri Mataji: So we can show you one thing only. I should say that it looks very, very, too fantastic. But I must say your cameras are great. Cameras have taken some photographs which are remarkable. I was in a village and I was sitting in a school, outside the school and was talking to people. Of course I knew what was happening, but I didn’t know that a camera could capture such a thing. I knew that that was a place where a great saint had lived. Suddenly I felt he was throwing light on me. He did it seven times and last time I just put my hand like this and laughed and said, “Now don’t worry, it’s all right.” And the camera saw those lights clearly. Does somebody have that photograph?

Sahaja yogi: We’ll bring it tomorrow.

Shri Mataji: Like that, once somebody took a photograph of my feet and saw the light coming out. To me it’s nothing new. It’s nothing special but the surprising thing is that the camera saw it, that it catches auras and things like that. That’s nothing important for me but maybe for you people because you might think that mind is funny. It always tries to take you away from me. But one thing, sir, there is nothing to gain from you. You cannot give me anything. It’s only that you you can gain something from me. This one I cannot understand. I cannot quite understand why people [UNCLEAR].

Many a times people said, “Why should you do it?” I said, “You better do it. It’s a good idea. You’d better come, sit here and do the job,” because it’s such a hard work for me. I’ve been traveling and traveling, I’m very happily married and I have very good grandchildren and children. I have no problem with any of them and my husband hankers after me sometimes because he has to travel because of his job. He travels a lot himself and it’s just I do it because I have to do it. This is your own. If I don’t, it’s like a banker who has to deliver your checks. But people can’t understand. So your question is justifiable. It’s not the breeze alone. It’s the Holy Ghost within you that awakens. You’d be amazed people who’ve never believed in Christ have started believing in Christ. Many Christians who never believed in Abraham have started believing in Him and Moses. Those who never believed in Krishna have started believing in Krishna and Hindus who never believed in Mohammed Saheb are now believing in Mahammed Saheb because they are all there. They are all part and parcel of this great tree of life. There is no place for fanaticism. Fanaticism is a disease. It’s not normal.

Any other questions?

It’s not an intellectualization or it is not some sort of a mental projection that will take you there. It’s only the awakening of the Kundalini for which you have to be prepared. I cannot guarantee it – it may work, it may not work. You try. Sometimes like a mountain some people I tell you. Just hard souls they are. Sometimes it’s very hard work. I just don’t know what they have been doing. Very hard work. It will work out but not to be frightened just now. Most of you are going to get it.

Any other questions, please?

Seeker: How can we use these powers?

Shri Mataji: That you have to learn. Once you get there this is your own power and then you have to know about it, how to do it. As it is, as soon as you know how to use your eyes, you also know how to use these powers. But you have to know about the different centers, how to work it out and how to understand yourself. That’s a little bit you have to know. So I would say like a new seed that is sprouted, has to be looked after for about a month or so and then it starts going on its own. You become the knowledge itself. Kabira was a seeker, I would say. He didn’t know a word about Kundalini. He didn’t know anything. I don’t know if he was agnostic, could have been. So you don’t have to know anything about it. It just works out. But of course we have a center here where you can go and learn everything. It’s not difficult.

So we’ll have the experience. I’m sure it will not take much time because people in Houston are more natural than New York people. And if in New York with those intellectuals something, who’d guess that it’d work out? 95% got realization. I was amazed and the president was so sweet. He was an 82-year-old fellow and he got it. But they’re more educated in it because of Jung. Jung talked to them about this and they were more prepared. But doesn’t matter. Not much education is needed.

Should we have the experience, please?

For that you do nothing but just put your hands towards me. As I told you these are the centers and you have to take out your shoes because we have to take the help of the Mother Earth a little bit. If you have anything tight, anything on the waist you find is tight for you, you should be comfortable. You will know all about it in no time. You’ll know how people do black magic, how a person gets possessed, what happens to him, how you get cancer, every type. It’s not difficult because it’s such a light. When you have the light you can see everything.

Now just put your hands towards me like this. I think all of you should come forward. It’s a better idea, not to be too far away. Put your hands towards me and you have to close your eyes because this is no hypnosis or anything. It’s something that happens within. You have to keep your eyes shut and when I tell you to open your eyes, then only you open your eyes because the Kundalini may not rise at all if your eyes are open. Do not concentrate anywhere, do not say anything, just keep quiet and watch. It will happen. Put both the feet on the Mother Earth in a parallel way and sit comfortably but not in a slouchy way, straight. Keep your legs straight for the Kundalini to rise easily.

Now as I told you, you must learn how to enrich our own centers. Put your left hand as it is on your lap comfortably and with your right hand, you have to do what I tell you, a very simple thing, is to put your right hand on your heart where resides your Spirit. Keep your eyes shut. You can address me as Shri Mataji or you can address me as Mother, whichever way you like, and you have to ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” because you are the Spirit. Just ask the question thrice.

No bring your hand on the left-hand side of the stomach and press it hard. Here you have to say, with full confidence, within yourself, that you are the Spirit so you are your own master. So you have to say with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master.” Please say it ten times.

Now please raise your right hand on the left side of your neck Put it on the shoulder at the base of the neck and hold it tight. As I told you before this is the block that one gets when you feel guilty. If you are the Spirit, how can you feel guilty? Please say, sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Please say it, with full confidence, on the left-hand side at the base – with the right hand, taken the hand from the front. Press it hard. Try to hold it and say “Mother, I am not guilty,” sixteen times.

Now put the right hand, properly, onto the shoulder and the neck, a little backwards. Hold it, tight. Say sixteen times, please say it because it’s really, really bad, I tell you, very bad. You can turn your face towards the right side if you want, but hold it tight because it’s a very blocked place. That’s the biggest problem, I think. (Shri Mataji blows on her right hand, rubs her hands together, makes gestures of throwing off the heat). You must know, how can you be guilty if you are the Spirit? Forget the past.

Put your right hand at the back of the head and hold it tight. At this time, without feeling guilty, you have to say, “If I have done any mistakes, then please forgive me.” But don’t feel guilty. That doesn’t mean you should feel guilty. You just say that. Please don’t feel guilty at all. You have to say to God that , “Please forgive me if I have done any mistakes.”

Now you can say that I forgive everyone. Hold it tight. The backside you’ll find it’s just like a nut.

Now put your hand in front, on your forehead. Press the forehead on your hand. Here you say. “I really forgive everyone,” because it is a myth. If you do not forgive, what are you doing? You are harming yourself. So you say, “I forgive everyone.”

Now put this hand on top of your head. Just put it resting your palm and move it a little bit. Press it hard, pushing it clockwise. At this point I cannot cross your freedom so you have to say it, that you want your realization. I cannot do anything here. You have to say that you want to be realized, you want your self realization. So please say, “Mother, please give me realization, I want it,” seven times, please. Press it hard, rub it and say. Rub it in a clockwise manner.

Raise your hand and see there is a cool breeze coming out. Is there a cool breeze coming out in the head? See with the left hand. right hand towards me. A little higher. Maybe hot coming out now. It’s higher. It’s there? Good. See now. You can change your hands and a little higher. See if you can get it closer to the head. You may not feel it. Again change to the other side with another hand. Change hands, let’s see. It should be established, then we see above the hands. Hmm, good. If it is not, don’t you worry. We’ll work it out.

Now in the hands see if you are feeling anything. Little bit rub your hands. It’s very hot – right hand.

Now, I’ll tell how to raise your Kundalini. After that you’ll feel better I think. It’s very simple. You are being seated. You can do it a very simple way. Place your left now in front of your Kundalini – you can do it at home also – left hand, because it is awakened now, but your not feeling it so much, but you’ll feel it. Left hand just like this, right hand moves like this: front, down, backward like this, clockwise. The left hand has to move upward straight.

Now, let’s start, going up like that, like that, like that, taking up onto your head. And now give it a twist and tie it up into a knot. You have to do it thrice all together, so we do it again. Again, you should do it. Put attention to your hands and just let it go, let it go and let it go. Now put your head back and give it a twist and see your hands. Now, give it a knot. Third time three knots you have to give. Again let’s start. Now, put your hands up and do it one knot, then another one, head up, third one and give it a third knot. Now see in your hands. You feel some sort of a sensation moving? Hot.

Those who are not feeling put the right hand up on the left heart. Say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it twelve times. That’s the point. You have to say, “I am the Spirit.” You start feeling it, yeah. Now, right hand on the heart and left hand towards me and say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” With full confidence, you are. Feeling it now? Good. Good. And if you see that there is no thought in your mind. Watch yourself, if there is any thought. Don’t get worried. Nothing is going to be lost. Better now? You can also feel one more way. Put your hands up like that and ask a question, “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Just ask the question in your heart and see if you start feeling it more. One of the absolute questions, “Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Hmm, you feel it in your hands. Now put it down. You can feel it all over, this all-pervading power of God. It does all the living things of the world and now you have become the master of that. Only you have to know how to handle it, how to maneuver it. All right?

Those who did not feel, please raise your hand, who did not feel at all. You? Who else? Hm? Two of you. Now, what you do is put your right hand towards me and left hand like this. Better? All right. There’s a little imbalance. What about you? Left hand like this and right hand towards me. Little imbalance. And forgive, forgive. You have not forgiven. That’s the sign. Now this hand you can put it like this. You are ventilating one and the other you are holding on. Better? That’s how you [UNCLEAR]. Sometimes you are balancing and also you get it.

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you in all the details what these centers are and how they work out and one of these days we’ll also arrange a kind of a workshop in our center for all of you to come down and see for yourself what it is really so that you know how to handle it yourself. Now I don’t come every time to Houston. You yourself can do the job for your friends, everyone and all those who are living in Houston. You have lots of hospitals here. There’s no need [UNCLEAR] to have hospitals here. If you become great sahaja yogis, you can cure them.

May God bless you.

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