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Why Do We Fight Over a Name of God? All Religions Are Part of One Tree of Life

Why do we fight over a name of God when all religions are part of the same tree of life?

Today We Honor Martin Luther King Who Had the Power of Bringing People’s Attention to Something Higher ❤️

Why not follow the example of Martin Luther King? To speak of something great. Bring the attention of people to something higher.

The life blood of my country

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have such thoughtful leaders in every country?

Martin Luther King and The Art of Non-Violence

The word “power” (coming from the Latin word potere) means “to be able to exert a lot of force”. Most of us may associate it with domination and aggression. But there is another form of force, too, equally powerful.
Martin Luther King was such a force. A force that could sweep others away with him to walk a new way into a new future. A tremendous force of benevolence. Of a deep love for humankind. Of an understanding beyond the minds of his time. The power of non-violence. Of non-aggression. The power to not re-act but to act.

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