The Water-Drop Stories

“As I told you, the drop becomes the ocean; and the drop has to become the ocean by dissolving all its ‘dropness’ with other drops. And all the drops dropping their dropness become the ocean ultimately. “ ∼ Shri Mataji, 08/06/1982

The Water-Drop Stories
by Werner Steindl
(translated from German into English)

The Master (to his disciple):

“It is not only you who is separated from the truth, many are. I will tell you 12 short stories and to you they may sound very simple. But you have to chew on them over and over again”, he said, “many a hundred times, and when you believe you have understood them, then still do not stop chewing on them, so long until you have permeated them, until these simple stories have become sublime and from the sublime have become simple again.”

The first story

Once upon a time there was a water-drop in the ocean who claimed there has never been an ocean.

The same it is with many people; they stand in the midst of God and say there has never been a God.

The second story

“I want my freedom”, demanded the water-drop in the middle of the ocean; and the ocean was merciful and lifted him up to the surface.

“I want my freedom”, demanded the water-drop again – and the sun heard his call and lifted him up onto a cloud.

“I want my freedom”, he demanded again. The cloud let him drop and he was in the ocean again.

The third story

An intellectual water-drop is an intellectual water-drop but not the ocean.

The fourth story

„All the water-drops are worthless”, said the water-drop in the ocean.

The fifth story

„Undoubtedly, one thing I have realized by now: much more significant am I than the ocean”, said the water-drop in the ocean.

The sixth story

„I probably will never meet the ocean“, sighed the water-drop in the ocean.

The seventh story

„Oh what do I care about the ocean“, said the water-drop in the ocean.

The eighth story

One water-drop could not accept his fate because he did not want to know anything about the ocean.

The ninth story

One water-drop in the ocean mustered together other water-drops, to rebel against the ocean.

The tenth story

„By virtue of my office”, said one water-drop to another water-drop in the middle of the ocean, “by virtue of my office from this day on you are expelled from the ocean.”

The eleventh story

„You are in my love“, said the ocean to the water-drop. But the water-drop could not hear the ocean, because he himself was full of love to another water-drop.

The twelfth story

„If I could succeed”, so the water-drop reflected, “that each and every water-drop could be in my love, then I would be the whole ocean.”

And so the water-drop began to take one after the other into his love. But there was a water-drop who once caused him terrible suffering, the worst grieve in his life and for all his love, him he could not forgive. And only because one single water-drop was missing in his love, only this one water-drop, he could not become the ocean.


“Tell me, oh Master, was there ever a water-drop who became the ocean?”

The Master:

“Hear now the last story:

There once was a water-drop who was seeking the silence of the ocean, he was seeking the depth of the ocean. His yearning was strong, and he was full of forgiveness – and suddenly the ocean spoke to him:

„You are I and I am you“, and it opened its arms and welcomed the yearning drop – and what was of the ocean became his. He became the silence of the ocean, he became the wideness of the ocean, and his depth was salvation for the world.

Thus know, full of mercy is the ocean for those who love it and welcomes them in all its abundance, if they truly desire so.”

“But what if such a yearning drop has accumulated all sorts of filth, what then?” asked the disciple.

Here the Master laughed heartily.

“No water-drop can be so dirty, that the ocean cannot cleanse it.”

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