To Be a Dust Particle that Is Fragrant

Shri Mataji talks about her childhood and her vision as a child:

“And one day I had written in childhood a poem, I remember – I remember that very clearly, long time back, that I should be a dust particle. So that I will permeate into people. Which is a very big thing – to become a dust particle of that kind, that whatever you touch, you see, that becomes enlivened, whatever you just feel, that has fragrance. It is such a great thing to be like that. And that was my desire, and it has been achieved.”

This is the poem Shri Mataji wrote at the age of seven:

I want to be like a dust particle

which moves with the wind

It goes everywhere

Can go, sit on the head of a king

or can go and fall at the feet of someone

And it can go and sit on a little flower

and it can go and sit everywhere

But I want to be a particle of dust

that is fragrant

that is nourishing

that is enlightening

Shri Mataji
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