Imagine There Is A War and Nobody Shows Up… even better, to open the door inside yourself to connect to a new dimension, the Divine dimension and become truly an instrument of peace and transformation for this world

In the last few days we have seen the world change. With the invasion of Ukraine we are facing a potentially threat for the world peace but we also see more and more Russian soldiers being reluctant to fight – many did not even know that they were sent into a war! 😮Just imagine! Suddenly you are being told to kill people and be prepared to be killed…

Why am I writing about it here, a place of meditation and Yoga – Yoga in the real sense of its meaning, the connection with the Divine?

Because Sahaja Yoga is not just a meditation, it is not just for our well-being, it is not just so that we find balance in our own lives .

With the awakening of our Inner Energy, known in all cultures under different names, we are actually given the power of transformation, not only for ourselves but for the whole world. 👉 We become powerful channels of Divine Love, 👉but also for protection 👉 and in general for everything that is good for humankind. >> click on this link and sign up for the 21 Day Meditation to discover the power of the awakening of your Own Inner Energy <<

The Awakening of the Inner Energy is like opening a door and when we enter through this door we actually enter into a new dimension where we receive a new sense – because the Divine Love starts flowing through our nervous system and we can feel a gentle, soothing, cool breeze in our hands and over our head. Jesus talked about it that we have to cross a door! So many other scriptures used similar descriptions! Even what we have to feel was described in all scriptures in various ways: the Cool Breeze or the Cool Wind of the Holy Ghost over the head! That our hands will start speaking. The secret garden inside of us. The state of Self-Realization (where we discover that we are so much more than we could ever dream of). The signs of being a Rainbow Warrior. All of it we can experience! And it is the birthright of every human being!! – not just a few privileged or selected ones… you can get it here and now!

Once this door is open the Divine Powers start flowing freely into our being. First 🔴 they start healing us on all levels, 🔴 balancing us and 🔴 solving all our problems. 🔴 Even the smallest problems are being taken care of (of course you also have to do a little bit, means giving time to yourself and meditate – meditation is necessary to receive these Divine vibrations).

But it does not end there.

We start also to emit these Divine vibrations wherever we go and we can send them to every place, every person in the world wherever they are needed and they make a difference!

>> If you desire to make a difference in the world and to discover the miracle of the Awakening of your Inner Energy then join the 21 Day Meditations to deepen this experience and learn how to use it! <<

Since Shri Mataji started Her work in 1970 countless miracle stories have been experienced and shared that started happening when we connected on such a deep level directly with the Divine. Today we see them happening in many ways as well.

Often these powers reveal themselves in various ways to comfort us. A Ukrainian Yogi from Kiev shared these pictures of the sky over Kiev some days ago when the invasion started:

As Sahaja Yogis we often joke that we become so used to miracles that we get upset when they do not happen immediately. Of course, we cannot understand the Divine ways (it is beyond our mental capacity to understand the unlimited with our limited brains) but we can experience them. Here is a story that we received from another Ukrainian Yogi:

“Yes, this is incredible!
We also got feedback from soldiers on the front line, saying that something unbelievable happens, as if the weapons can not touch them and as if they have become invisible for their enemies, while they see the enemies clearly whether it is day or night. As non Sahaja Yogis they can’t explain the phenomena, but we know that is the sign of Divine protection and Divine presence and those pictures just confirm this. Jai Shri Mataji!”

With the Awakening of the Inner Energy we receive the capacity to go beyond our limited mind where we not only understand how interconnected we all are but we also feel and experience it. We can feel it in the vibrations we are connected to if something is happening in the world, when others suffer. We feel not only the struggle of the people of Ukraine but also of the Russian people and soldiers who do not wish for this war.

One Ukrainian Yogi wrote (in German, translation below):

“In der Meditation heute ist das Bild der 65km langen Schlange von Panzern aufgetaucht die vor Kiev warten…. ich hab mir gewünscht bitte shri Shiva lass all diese Panzer in der Erde versinken oder vom Sturm davonblasen… nur ist passiert…. plötzlich habe ich Menschen gesehen weiss angezogen sie kamen von allen Seiten auf die panzer zu friedlich und voller Liebe. Sie haben das Mantra Shri devi sarva puteshu shanti rupena saonstitha gesunden…. und die Soldaten sind durch die Liebe geschmolzen und haben sich gefreut nicht kämpfen zu müssen…”

“In my meditation today I saw the picture of the 65 km long line of tanks waiting in front of Kiev. I wished that God Almighty may sink all those tanks into the Mother Earth or blow them away in a storm… but suddenly I saw people dressed in white emerging peacefully and full of love from all sides surrounding the tanks. They sang a mantra (for peace) and the soldiers melted in this love and were so happy that they did not have to fight.”

Nobody wants this war! There are more and more reports emerging about Russian soldiers who did not know they were sent into a war, who are reluctant to fight their Ukrainian brothers.

“They showed on Polish TV many Russian soldiers who after being captured said that they didn’t know they were going to war, they thought they were going to training or to help Ukrainians. They felt betrayed. They just wanted to go home. One called his mother and said: I am in Ukraine and she replied how come? What are you doing there? I’ve been sent there, her replied. Most of the soldiers are in their 20s and 30s. They said they have been sent for a certain death. Let’s pray for them too, that they realize on time and surrender.”

Today I ask all of you who read this message to please take your Awakening of the Inner Energy. Please join the 21 Day Free Meditation Course and discover how to use your new state and become a powerful channel for world peace, to stop the war, for the protections of all the good and innocent people on all sides, and for the courage in everyone to say NO!


If you feel this is a valuable message then please share it with everyone you can!

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