The Spiral Way that Leads to a Higher Awareness

Have you ever wondered why everything related to Life seems to move in a spiral way? It seems like a cosmic dance of which we are a part of, spinning and moving along from atoms to galaxies and our human awareness, too.

“Every new year comes, because we have to take to something that is new. It has been so arranged that the sun has to move for 365 days and again a new year has to come. Actually the whole solar system is moving in a spiral way. So, there is definitely a higher, higher state of this solar system. Every year it is rising higher in a spiral way. So it is not only that it is because 365 days have passed, but because it has moved a step forward higher than what it was.

Now we can see, that in awareness, human beings have definitely risen much higher than what they were, say, about 2000 years back.”

Shri Mataji, 1983

Also our Kundalini rises along our spine in a spiral way! And with her rising she gives us a higher awareness and a deeper connection to ourselves and the Divine.

Discover the gentle calmness and peace that comes with the Awakening of your Kundalini. The soothing connection with your Inner Being. The cooling breeze over the head. Or the warmth that can be felt when this beautiful sacred Energy starts ever so softly to remove all that in your Inner System that troubles you and gives you stress.

Follow the guided meditation by Shri Mataji and experience that which was always a part of you but not yet conscious!

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