Which Type of A Master Are You?

When I was first guided through the meditation to awaken the Kundalini there was one affirmation in particular that I liked.

“I am my own Master.”

“You become your own master. You see, supposing you are holding a snake in your hand and I say, “You have a snake in your hand” and there is darkness – you will say, “Alright. I’m having it.” Because if you say to human beings, “Don’t do something.” they’ll definitely do it.

So best is to put on the light. Let them see the snake in their hand. They’ll just throw it away.

It all automatically works out. I don’t have to tell you anything. You become responsible for yourself.”

Shri Mataji, 1988-0519

My first reaction was: “Oh great! I am my own master! That means I can do whatever I want!”

But… you know… while it sounds so easy it might not be exactly very helpful because there will be no outside force to push you (no guru who sends you into the cold mountains to freeze the ego out of your body), nobody to threaten you with hellfire if you do not follow (and makes you sweat fears and anxieties… yikes!!!…), no charges of huge amounts of money at every step you take (give us more money so that you can go really really deep… because only when you pay you pay attention)…

So, suddenly you are responsible to guide yourself and you may find that leading yourself can be tricky. Let me ask you – just out of curiosity: what type of a master would you be for yourself?

  • The easy going (I will meditate tomorrow – and tomorrow never comes)
  • the harsh one (you only meditated in the morning?! And then just for one hour??!! – so you bite your teeth together, push through and lose all the joy on the way)
  • the loving but firm one (“didn’t you feel so much better when you meditated and cleared yourself? Couldn’t you sleep so much better? Didn’t you feel so much more content, and peaceful, and joyful? It will do you so good if you sit down right now!)
  • the stern one (never smile!)
  • the humorous (life is a play to be enjoyed)
  • the gentle (your safe haven where you can be who you are)
  • the inspiring (who elevates you)
  • and so many more or a mix of all…

How would you lead yourself? Who is your “Inner Master”?

I hope your Inner Master leads you to the Awakening of your Kundalini at one of our daily mediations because:

“The third thing that happens to you apart from your awareness becoming the truth, the complete knowledge, you become the source of joy.
Not that you only receive the joy but you become the source of joy, the source of bliss and the source of peace.
Wherever such a person goes, it just sooths.”

Shri Mataji, 1985-0530

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