You Are Your Own Master, Your Own Guru, Your Own Guide

“Human beings must know that they have to still achieve their ultimate, ultimate. We are still living in the relative world, not the absolute world.

When we become the absolute, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost starts flowing through our hands.

We start feeling around us the subtle energy which works out all the living things, the all-pervading power of God’s love. And we are amazed how these things – like flowers becoming a fruit – all these things happen, through this great power. Through science what we know is ribbit compared to the enormous that you have to know. But when you become the spirit, you know it.

But this knowledge is not mental. It is spiritual, meaning it is on your central nervous system. For example if you take an animal, or a dog say, or a horse and take it to a dirty lane, he will walk through. But for a human being, it is impossible to walk through that dirty lane. Now this we have achieved, this sensitivity we have achieved on our central nervous system.

Through the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga you become a master of yourself. You become your own guide and guru because you become the spirit. And then you have to just know how to use this power. And this knowledge is also available to you absolutely free.

So it is your own potential within you and as this potential is awakened you become a dynamic personality. And you become a compassionate personality. You have no fear of any kind. And you feel your freedom, completely. You no more yield to any temptations, or to any habits. And you enjoy your being as the spirit, in its own glory.”

Shri Mataji, 1985-0126

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One Comment on “You Are Your Own Master, Your Own Guru, Your Own Guide

  1. Jai Shri mataji🙏. This helped me alot thank you so much this is great . I was preoccupied with thoughts since I am giving lots of different exams and failing too ..but now I have read this. I understood all these are materialistic things . Jai shri mataji 🙏

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