Small Habits Make a Big Difference: The One Tiny Step That Makes Meditation Really Easy

Have you ever had this experience? You decided – full of enthusiasm – that meditation should be a part of your life, you were all geared up to meditate yourself into the flow state where every form of stress would drip off like water from a lotus leaf, where you would float through the day in a state of clarity and ecstatic joy. And then you were sitting there, the head full of thoughts, the peace not coming, and after trying one or two times more you gave up and thought: “Seems that meditation is not for me…”

There is a rising awareness about the amazing benefits of meditation but it is often really hard for people to get into it. Know that there is nothing wrong with you! – You just need the right meditation technique.

shri-mataji-nirmala-devi-teaching-sahaja-yoga-meditation-in-indiaSahaja Yoga Meditation provides exactly that because its founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, found out how to awaken the Kundalini in everyone of us which was something impossible up to then!

Imagine this! People had to lead an ascetic life, give up everything and then still more often than not they did not even reach this state! And we can have it right in our living room today because of the amazing work of Shri Mataji! 

Kundalini Awakening is the secret why Sahaja Yoga Meditation is so effective! And to top it: it is ALWAYS free!

The benefits of it would fill books after books (and if you want to learn more about it you can do so for free in all our meditation classes) but in this post I just want to talk about creating one tiny habit that will change your experience of meditation, no matter if you are just starting or you have been meditating already for a while.

It only takes 1 tiny step and less than 1 minute every day to get big results

Every new habit we create takes a bit of time to show the effects. That leads often to people giving up too soon! So – don’t give up! Do this for 1 minute every morning and evening. I promise you that the effects of it will be mind blowing!

Start your day and end your day with this:

[For this to work you need to have your Kundalini Awakening – a meditation that you can follow by clicking here or attend one of our meditation programs listed below]

When you wake up or you go to bed, sit comfortably on your bed:

  1. Have your left hand palm open on the lap,
  2. put the right hand on top of your head and press down a bit
  3. Then slowly lift the right hand over the head and observe what you feel – there can be a coolness or warmth, both signs of your Kundalini Awakening
  4. After that, you either get up, go to sleep or you continue to meditate right there… whatever it is; but over time you will find that whenever you sit down for your actual meditation the effect will be very different.

That’s it. Too easy? But that is exactly what Sahaja Yoga Meditation is: easy, effortless and life changing.

What will be the result of this one tiny habit?

  • you make your Kundalini stronger.
  • And when that happens then your meditations will become deeper.
  • You can reach the space of peace and silence faster.
  • And for the rest, books after books could be filled about the benefits exclusive to the Kundalini Awakening. Or you come to our meditation classes to learn more about it.

Here is one immediate experience of one practitioner: she would often feel dizzy but as soon as she started to do this simple exercise the dizziness was gone. Another one suffered from depression and felt immediate changes after this really short exercise.

And that is just the beginning!

So join our meditations, deepen your meditations with this one simple trick! Because:

“Realization needs to happen. Without that, there is no point to anything. People are only wasting their time discussing such things.
So divert your attention a little towards your joy. Now we need to be able to find that joy inside us.
And whenever you start getting negative thoughts you should say “no” to them. These bad habits should be given up.
It is within you that the waves of joy are rising.”

Shri Mataji, 1977-1218

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