Meditation Made Easy -International Yoga Day Festival for You and Your Family: June 19-21 / Free Online Sessions for all ages in multiple languages


Over the three days, FREE ONLINE MEDITATION SESSIONS will be conducted from different regions of the United States throughout the day:

  • Introductory meditations in English, Spanish, Telugu, Hindi, Chinese
  • Classes with meditation and live music –
  • Special meditation classes for children, teens, adults

Don’t miss out on the featured event Sunday, June 20 at 6 PM ET – Meditation, Vocal Yoga and Music Therapy Workshop

Participants will feel the clearing and healing effects of music and meditation. You will be able to continue your journey of self-discovery and wellness with our free follow-up meditation classes.

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Join Our Daily Free Online Meditations for the East Coast/ US

For the free daily Tristate-meditations please register via:

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