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The Highest Goal For a Spiritual Seeker…

The highest thing for any seeker should be -who is a real seeker, not an unreal one – for the real seeker should be that he should find himself, his own Spirit. He must know himself. That is the main thing. Shri Mataji, 1982-1028

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Is The Most Practical Thing in Your Life – a story how i found my dream job

Have you ever had the dread of having to search for a new job? Getting stressed over interviews with people who will scrutinize every bit of your professional self, moving you through seemingly endless cycles of assessments together with sometimes 200+ competitors, then the anxious waiting for a ‘Yes’ that might never come… no fun!
But with Sahaja Yoga Meditation nothing to make your hair grey (or greyer)!

Achieve Yoga This Week

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