Sahaja Yoga Meditation Is The Most Practical Thing in Your Life – a story how i found my dream job

Have you ever had the dread of having to search for a new job? Getting stressed over interviews with people who will scrutinize every bit of your professional self, moving you through seemingly endless cycles of assessments together with sometimes 200+ competitors, then the anxious waiting for a ‘Yes’ that might never come… no fun!

I was in that situation some 15 years ago where I suddenly had to search for a new job after the company I worked for went bankrupt. But – as I already had practiced Sahaja Yoga Meditation for more than 10 years – I was not much worried. I searched for all the available job offers on the internet and did a simple thing: I checked the vibrations of each.
[A quick note for those who do not know about it, yet: if you get cool vibrations in your hands it is great, if vibrations are warm – not so great. But – it only works after you got your Kundalini Awakening!! (hint hint! Come to one of our classes!)]

So, after finding all the ‘cool’ job offers I started applying for them and guess what… – the one that was the coolest was the one I got. It was in a big company where two years later I was sent to Dubai, stayed in a super luxurious apartment paid by the company and – had one of the best times of my life there!

“Ok, great story….”, you might think, “but… times have changed… I am not sure it will work for me…”. And of course, these times are challenging as never before. But that is exactly the time you really really want to have something so amazing at hand! And the best way to find out is to take the first step and join one of our daily meditation classes (see info below – they are for ever free, no hidden anything, so you have absolutely nothing to lose but tons and tons to win!!!).

So, come and meditate with us! Start this beautiful journey towards yourself with a group of like-minded people! The reason why it is always free is because Shri Mataji insisted that it is our birthright to have!! – for a beautiful, meaningful, joyful life!

At ‘3:05’ minutes you will find a guided meditation

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